Bonaire Celebrates Tourism Month 2021

Bonaire Celebrates Tourism Month 2021

Theme: Tourism for Inclusive Growth

Every year we celebrate Tourism Day on September 27th. This year, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) as part of the Tourism Recovery Plan have identified a series of activities with the aim to celebrate the benefits stemming from tourism development to a broader segment of the Bonaire population. Our community represents the sole purpose of our Bonaire experience. The theme this year is Tourism for Inclusive growth.

COVID-19 has and continues to put many strains on the tourism sector, which came to a near standstill in 2020. As we re-started and begin to recover, TCB believes that we have an exceptional opportunity to rethink the role of tourism and rebuild a better, healthier and more resilient industry. Besides our investment in protection of our nature and natural resources, our people, culture and heritage play a vital role in the process, hence our theme Tourism for Inclusive Growth.

A series of activities will be executed during the month of September with a few highlights being shared today. Starting this month every Saturday arriving visitors at the Flamingo International Airport are welcomed with our island rhythm and music from ‘Ka’i orgel’. Additionally, visitors get to experience and take a picture with our Bonaireans dressed in traditional Folkloric outfits and receive a welcome gift as part of our appreciation for their visit to our island.

Another important component includes our younger generation, our children. TCB is launching an Arts & Crafts competition for all elementary schools for the groups 5 – 8. The competition is titled: ‘Boneiru Eksperensia Outéntiko, ku Arte 100% Resiklá’, where the kids need to create an authentic artwork by using recycled material. The artwork can be anything that is authentic to Bonaire, like our flamingo, salt pans, turtles, cactus etc. September 15th is our deadline for all competition entries from our local schools and the finalists will be selected on September 17th, 2021. Winners of the overall school competition will be announced on September 22nd and a full exhibition of the creations will take place on World Tourism Day.

In the spirit of collaboration and community involvement TCB together with its stakeholders Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB), Flamingo International Airport, BONHATA and our Harbor Office will organize a joint press conference on September 20th, 2021 to update and inform on the developments and strategic direction of tourism.

TCB in collaboration with the author Denise de Jong-Rekwest also created a Tourism book titled: ‘Turismo na Boneiru, Eksperensia Outéntiko’ which will be officially launched on September 22nd at Captain Don’s Habitat. This tourism booklet will be provided to all schools on the island as a tool to learn more about tourism and our local heritage and culture. Education is key and therefore TCB wishes to invest in our school curriculum by providing the book and reading material.

TCB will also organize its first annual Bonaire Tourism Summit with the aim to bring our active tourism stakeholders and partners together to discuss our branding, air service, marketing and PR strategy moving forward. TCB has invited international keynote speaker Igor Beuker to conduct the opening of the event.

TCB also highlighted the people working in tourism directly or indirectly by recognizing a series of Bonaire Ambassadors such Andy Serberie, U-14 soccer team, and Emma Sint Jago, Claire Sealy, Erich Arias and Tirzo Cicilia. A few of our local ambassadors will be featured on the cover of the BONE magazine. “We are celebrating our people, heritage and our culture. Transforming our Communities Requires Transforming our Thinking. Bonaire wants the core of its community to be part of the many opportunities yet to come and our mission as TCB in collaboration with our stakeholders is to pursue a new era to invest in our people, empower them and build a post-covid economic industry that is resilient and based on the principles of humanity first”, says Miles Mercera, CEO of Tourism Corporation Bonaire.
Tourism for Inclusive Growth will not only be the theme for the month but will also set the stage for TCB’s strategy as we continue to rebuild and recover. For more information in regard to our activities during the month of September, please send an email to

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