CMC ta kanselá tur operashon elektivo / CMC cancels all elective surgeries

CMC ta kanselá tur operashon elektivo

Willemstad, 9 di yanüari, 2022 – Entrante di djaluna 10 di yanüari, Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) ta kanselá tur operashon elektivo te ku un próksimo anunsio. Operashonnan agudo i esensial si ta kontinuá manera den pasado. Sitanan na poliklínika i otro tratamentunan tambe ta sigui. Tuma nota ku CMC lo yama tur pashènt di kual nan operashon a wòrdu kanselá.

Skarsedat di personal pa motibu di COVID-19 i kapasidat máksimo na departamentu di Kuido Intensivo ta poniendo preshon hopi haltu riba hospital. Tin kasi 200 kolega ousente dor di COVID, AO pa otro motibu of karentena. E kanselashon di operashonnan elektivo ta aliviá preshon pa asina por duna kuido responsabel na tur pashènt den hòspital. Na momentu ku sufisiente personal regresá i e kantidat di personal kuminsá stabilisá, CMC lo anunsiá kontinuashon di operashonnan elektivo. Sigui e página di Facebook di Curaçao Medical Center pa e último informashon.

Pa último desaroyonan di CMC, sigui página di Facebook di Curaçao Medical Center.



CMC cancels all elective surgeries

Willemstad, January 9th, 2022 – Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) is canceling all elective surgeries as of Monday, January 10th, until further announcement. Acute and essential operations will continue as these did in the past. Clinical appointments and other treatments will also resume. Take note that CMC will call all patients whose operations have been canceled.

Personnel shortage due to COVID-19 and maximum capacity at the Intensive Care unit have placed a lot of pressure on the hospital. Almost 200 colleagues are absent due to COVID-19, sick leave for other reasons or quarantine. The cancelation of elective surgeries relieve pressure to allow for responsible patient care for those requiring hospitalization. As soon as enough personnel return to work and the situation stabilizes, CMC will announce continuation of elective surgeries. Follow the CMC Facebook page for the latest information.

Visit the Curaçao Medical Center Facebook page and click “follow” to receive the latest updates.

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