Power Punch Challenge Curacao April 27 2022

The Curaçao Boxing Association CuraBox will organize a Power Punch Challenge again on King’s day, April 27, in Punda.
Edwin Baas: “In 2020 we did this activity as an alternative to boxing bouts during the COVID period and turned out to be a great success. This time it will be open to the public and everybody can join from 12:00 till 18:00 at Kueba at the boogjes (between Scampi’s and Grill King)”.
Who will become the Power punch King and Power punch Queen of 2022?
Category winners of the 2020 Power Punch Challenge, from left to right; Raekwon Baas (-18), Edwin Baas (40+), Krishona Juliana (Ladies), Coregelino Djaoen (18+ +80 kg), Stephen Nahr (18+ -80 kg).

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