Aruba ta kla pa partisipá na Caribbean Pinks All Out  2022 na Kòrsou



WILLEMSTAD- 13 di yüni 2022 – Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) huntu ku representantenan di Jacky Circuit ofisialmente a invitá koredornan i fanátikonan di drag race di Aruba pa bin i disfrutá di karedanan di drag race aki na Kòrsou i na mes momentu selebrá ku nos Dia di Bandera.


Durante di un rueda di prensa ku a tuma lugá na Aruba e tim di Kòrsou a duna informashon di tur loke nos isla tin di ofresé komo destinashon turístiko i a bai den detaye riba e karedanan ku lo tuma lugá próksimamente aki na Kòrsou. E interes manera semper tabata grandi. Deporte i drag race en partikular ta un di e métodonan di merkadeo ku CTB ta uza komo parti di su strategia pa promové nos pais.


E evento lo konsistí banda di e karedanan tambe di un show di outo i konsierto, hasiendo esaki un evento interesante. E fin di siman di promé pa tres di yüli próksimo lo ta kargá ku diferente aktividat riba nos isla lokual ta hasié un oportunidat úniko pa bishitá Kòrsou. Bishitá e página sosial di Jacky Circuit pa mas informashon di e karedanan di drag race.

Aruba is ready to participate in the Caribbean Pinks All Out 2022 in Curaçao


WILLEMSTAD- 13 June, 2022 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) together with the representatives of Jacky Circuit officially invited the drivers and fans of drag racing in Aruba to come and enjoy the drag races here in Curaçao and at the same time celebrate Flag Day with us.


During a press conference in Aruba, the Curaçao team provided information on all that our island has to offer as a tourist destination, and discussed the details of the drag races that will be taking place shortly in Curaçao. As usual, there was great interest. Sports and drag racing in particular, is one of the marketing methods used by CTB as part of its strategy to promote our country abroad.


Besides the drag races, the event will also consist of an auto show and a concert, which makes it a quite interesting event. The weekend of July 1-3 will be packed with several activities on our island, making it a unique opportunity to visit Curaçao. Please visit the social media pages of Jacky Circuit for more information on the upcoming drag races.

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