Aqualectra Utility Tim di Maneho di Krisis di Aqualectra a reuni

Awe mèrdia Aqualectra su Tim di Maneho di Krísis a reuní pa kaba di prepará pa e mal tempu na kaminda. Puntonan sentral den e reunion tabata e plan di akshon i importansia di komunikashon promé, durante i despues di e mal tempu. Puntonan di atenshon atendé durante di e reunion tabata:
1. Riba nivel operashonal, Aqualectra a repartí Kòrsou den 3 área: p’ariba, mei mei i p’abou. Asina e téknikonan por akudí mas fásil i lihé na e diferente situashonnan ku presentá.
2. Aqualectra a stipulá akshonnan konkreto di antemano pa posibel situashonnan ku por presentá, pa asina sigui garantisá suministro di awa i koriente te kaminda esaki ta na alkanse.
3. Ounke Aqualectra a pone mas liña di kontakto disponibel pa e number 0800-0135, pa asina ta mihó aksesibel tantu durante komo despues di e mal tempu, bo mester tene kuenta ku e liñanan por ta mas okupá ku nòrmal. Por tuma kontakto ku Aqualectra tambe via di ‘Facebook Messenger’.
4. Aqualectra lo mantené pueblo di Kòrsou debidamente informá, riba un base regular, di situashonnan ku presentá, trabounan ku lo tuma lugá i resultado di tur loke keda hasí.
Meeting of Aqualectra’s Crisis Management Team
This afternoon Aqualectra’s Crisis Management Team gathered to prepare for the possible tropical storm ahead. Main topics addressed during the meeting were the plan of action and importance of communications prior to, during and after the storm.
The results of the meeting of Aqualectra’s Crisis Management Team:
1. On an operational level, Aqualectra divided Curaçao in 3 areas: East, Center and West. This way our technicians can attend to different situations that can present themselves in a more timely manner.
2. Aqualectra agreed upon concrete actions for possible situations that might occur, to guarantee distribution of water and electricity to the best of our abilities.
3. Even though Aqualectra has expanded the available contact lines for the number 0800-0135, to be better accessible throughout and after the storm, you can expect that the line might be busier than usual. It’s also possible to contact Aqualectra through Facebook Messenger.
4. Aqualectra will keep the community of Curaçao well-informed on a regular basis about the situations that might present themselves, maintenance work that will be done and the results hereof
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