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Inspector E.S Josepha

October 21st 2022


Ongoing traffic controls


As it is most probably going to be a very busy end of the year the Sint Maarten Police Force has initiated several security actions in preparation for this time of the year.


In the last few days various traffic actions have been conducted in the interest of traffic safety at several locations throughout the island.

A joint traffic control with French Police was conducted on the evening of October 25, 2022 at the Cole-Bay border.


Throughout this action, which took place between  the times of 07.00 pm and 09.00 pm, a total of 45 vehicles were stopped and controlled during which, 8 fines were issued and several vehicles and where inspected for having darkened windows.


These coordinated actions will continue throughout the upcoming weeks in order to maximum traffic safety during the upcoming busy season.





Traffic department of KPSM investigating several traffic incidents that happened over the past week


Traffic department personnel have been busy the last few days investigating several traffic accidents that took place at various locations across the island.

One such incident took place on October 24, 2022 around 11:00 am in the area of Sucker-Garden.

per the preliminary investigation conducted by the traffic department, it appeared that a scooter collided with in the back of a grey passenger car while going up the hill in the sucker-garden. When the driver stopped on the hillside to check what had happened to his car, he noticed that the handbrake on his car was not set properly, and the vehicle started rolling backwards.


When the driver tried to get back into the vehicle to stop it, but he was unable to do so and ended up falling and injuring himself. It continued to rolling backwards and later crashed into the bushes along the road. Later on, the driver was administered first aid by the ambulance personnel and was taken to SMMC for further medical treatment. The investigation is ongoing.




Another traffic accident took place on October 25, 2022 around 12 .00 pm in the madame state  shopping center area.


As per the investigation, it appeared the driver of a of a cream color SUV was driving on the Van Gogh street in madame estate.

At one point, the driver tried to brake and, instead of applying the brakes, applied the accelerator pedal.

As a consequence, of this the SUV crashed into a concrete curb and then rear-ended a white car parked along the road. This investigation into this accident is still ongoing.

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