Press release for saturday march 18th 2023

From:  Head of communication Department

Inspector E.S Josepha                                                              March 14th 2023



Causeway Jumps


The very first jump-up for the 2023 carnival period will be taking place this evening, March 18, 2023 with the “cause way Jump-up”

Under the given permit, the jump-up will commence at approximately 8:00 p.m. and should  end at 1:00 a.m. in the early morning


This event will commence in the vicinity of the Parking-lot in Simpson bay proceeding towards The Cause Way bridge, Union road, welfare road back to Simpson bay.


Those participating in this and other carnival events should be mindful  that the Carnival period is a celebration for the community of St. Maarten, therefore police of St. Maarten request cooperation from all to make these events as trouble free as possible.


For visitors and individuals residing in the vicinity of Simpson bay and Cole-bay, please note that certain roads will be closed off for the duration of the parade and alterative traffic should be used.


Law enforcement officers are involved to ensure general safety throughout Carnival, not to hamper the Carnival festivities.


Community officer are busy with several programs related to youth of St.Maarten .


Understanding that the youth of St. Maarten is the future, the Police Force of St. Maarten also aims to contribute towards their education and knowledge.


With this as one KPSM  main guide lines, the community officers paid a visit to the MAC preschool in Philipsburg in connection with “Career Week”, during which the children were invited to ask questions to the officers and were also given the opportunity to experience the functioning of the police vehicle.





The community officers have also  proceeded with a segment of the Cops& Kids program which is “Life Facts”  the past week.

Students from Asha Steven Hill-side school in Cay-hill, were treated to a lecture by Mr. Edsel Gumbs a local businessman who provided insight into his life and conducting business in St. Maarten .

Management team of St. Maarten police force takes this opportunity to express gratitude to the management of MAC and Asha Stevens for the opportunity and Mr. E.Gumbs for his contribution.



Police traffic department KPSM are currently investigating a traffic accident that severely injured two persons in Oyster pond.


On Friday, March 17, 2023 around 5:50 p.m., central dispatch received several reports of an accident in the Oyster-pond area where two persons were seriously injured after being thrown from a four-wheeler.


Police patrol and ambulance personnel were directed to the location on the road leading to Oyster pond.

Preliminary  investigation at the scene revealed that driver of the Quad lost control of the vehicle as they headed toward Oyster-pond border. This caused the vehicle to veer all the way to the left and collide with the roadside embankment, causing both passengers to thrown into the concrete water drain on the side of the road.


Both the passenger and driver were severely injured with injuries to their head and lower body .They treated at the scene and were subsequently rushed to the St.Maarten Medical center in critical condition. The investigation into the accident is ongoing.

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