Police Force call on public to allow officers to execute duties undisturbed at accidents and crime scenes

From:  Head of communication Department

Inspector E.S Josepha                                                              March 29nd   2023



Police Force call on public to allow officers to execute duties undisturbed at accidents and crime scenes


A video is circulating on social media of an accident that occurred on Saturday, March 25, around 11:55pm involving a T-max scooter and a black Mazda CZ3.

This accident took place at the intersection of Welfare Road and Cedar Grove Drive in Cole Bay.


The scooter rider sustained non-life-threatening injuries to his head and upper body in the collision. Police officers who arrived on the scene were approached by a bystander who prevented them from performing their duties. The bystander also became aggressive against the officers who were in the process of protecting and preserving the accident scene and rendering aid to the victim.


At the scene of an accidents or any other crime, it is vital for the public allow officers to do their work unhindered. Any hindrance can impede the investigation and may even endanger the officers’ lives.


KPSM reminds the public that obstructing an officer, intentionally or unintentionally, is against the law and carries serious consequences. It is important to follow the instructions of law enforcement officers at all times, especially during incidents where emotions can run high.


 Police will continue with control on scooter and motorcycle riders


The police of Sint Maarten have conducted several controls in recent days to ensure general safety and prepare for the upcoming busy carnival period. As a result of these controls, a number of motorbikes and scooters have been taken into safekeeping.


Most of these scooters and motorbikes were found to be lacking the necessary paperwork or did not meet the technical requirements for use on public roads. These scooters have been impounded and are currently waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners.


Police are urging all scooter riders to make sure that they have obtained all necessary paperwork and meet technical requirements before using their vehicles on public roads. Not complying with these requirements not only puts the rider at risk but also endangers other road users and may lead to impounding of the vehicle.


To retrieve their impounded scooters, the police are requesting that owners come forward as soon as possible with their documentation. If the rightful owners fail to claim their scooters within a specified time frame, the police will dispose of them with the appropriate legal permissions.



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