The Bonaire Tourism Scholarship Program is open for applications

Investing in our Human Capital and inspiring a new generation of Tourism Professionals
Last year, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) signed a Partnership Agreement with Guardian Group Fatum (GGF) to jointly launch an educational initiative titled ‘The Bonaire Tourism Scholarship Program’ for the Bonairean community.

As part of TCB’s tourism objectives to educate and inspire the Bonairean community, we developed this program to enhance our professionals in the tourism industry. In 2022, a total of 59 applications were received and a total of 19 applicants were eligible to receive the scholarship award. We want to continue to encourage our community to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to further develop their skills.

The scholarship application period is now open until June 9th, 2023. To apply and for more information about this great initiative, please visit

The Bonaire Tourism Scholarship Program helps fund individual professional development courses and full-time academic courses in all areas of Hospitality and Tourism Management for Associate, Bachelor and Masters programs. The scholarship allows deserving students and non-students to achieve their educational goals, meet their professional objectives and realize their dreams. In addition, the scholarship program enables participants to take advantage of opportunities for continuing their professional development. This scholarship is also an effective tool/opportunity to improve recruitment of qualified locals and encourage retention and professional growth in the tourism sector of Bonaire.

TCB in partnership with GGF will be granting individual scholarships to a minimum of 10 participants per academic year. The scholarship grants range between $200 and $3,000 per academic year depending on the type of program chosen and the participants will receive this at the start of their studies. Scholarships are awarded for tuition only and funds are paid directly to the University or College. This scholarship is not a full tuition scholarship, so the participants need to re-apply every year to get awarded.

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