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Willemstad, 15 di òktober 2023 – CIBC FirstCaribbean, den liña ku esfuerso mundial pa konmemorá Siman di Servisio na Kliente, a tuma tempu pa pone lus riba e importansha pa traha den tim pa asina por amplia servisio ekselente na kliente.  Esaski dor di hasi loke e banko ta hasi mihó, esta perkurá pa e kliente i respondé na nan nesesidatnan.

E banko, durante henter e siman a organisá varios aktividat kada dia pa suprayá servisio na kliente, manteniendo e banko su stantart na haltu. Esaki tabata tambe un forma pa mustra apresio i gradisí esnan ku ta duna servisio i departamentunan di sosten, ku na tur momentu ta hasi lo máksimo pa atené na e banko su prinsipio di tene kliente na promé lugá.  E siman a kuminsá ku dedikashon speshal dor di e CEO di CIBC FirstCaribbean, Sr. Mark Sint Hill i e Chief Commercial Officer di e banko Sr. Pim van der Burg.

Siman di Servisio na Kliente tin su origen 30 aña pasá, ora ku Kongreso Merikano ofisialmente a deklará e siman komo un okashon pa rekonosé na nivel nashonal e importansha pa duna bon servisio, durante di e promé siman di òktober. Durante tempu e siman a evolushoná den un evento ku ta sirbi komo un testamènt di e nifikashon di servisio na kliente i e individuonan ku diariamente ta sirbi i sostené servisio riba un base diario.

CEO di CIBC FirstCaribbean, Sr. Mark Sint Hill, a bisa “Nos ta kontentu di por uni nos mes na e esfuerso global pa konmemorá Siman di Servisio na Kliente e siman aki.  Boso sa kaba kiko ta mi opinion tokante nos servisio ekselente i tim formidabel!  Siman di Servisio na Kliente ta rekordá nos riba nos ròl, sea ta un di nos ku ta atendé dirèkt ku e kliente òf tin e ròl di sosten. Nos ta un tim i un banko, trahando huntu pa ta promé den e kliente su eskoho.

Sr. Pim van der Burg e Chief Commercial Officer di e banko a bisa “E tema di e aña aki, esta, sirbi komo un tim, ta apto pa nos ambiente bankario, pero tambe pa otro empresanan, pasobra manera e dicho ta bisa “ta dos man por klap.”  Pa e motibu ei nos mester sigui traha uní pa perkurá ku nos klientenan no ta pensa riba ningun otro sinó nos ora nan pensa riba servisio na kliente.”

E Siman di Serviso na Kliente e aña aki na CIBC FirstCaribbean tabata un siman yená ku akividat eksitante.  Empleadonan a partisipá i bistí na diferente koló riba varios dia pa asina enfatisá nan kompromiso ku servisio na kliente.

E siman aki a keda lansá ku un atenshon speshal na e héroenan ku ta duna servisio na kliente den un banko ku tabata dekorá na forma apropiá.  Durante di e siman a kompartí varios pasaboka ku e staf di banko. Tabatin tin tambe varios evento manera kompetensha di potrèt “Kompartí i Kuida”, kwes i un galeria di poster pa kórda Tim CIBC FirstCaribbean tokante su dedikashon pa ofresé servisio ekselente na kliente.




Willemstad October 15, 2023 – CIBC FirstCaribbean, in line with the global effort to commemorate Customer Service Week, took the time to shine a spotlight on the importance of teamwork in order to further exemplify client service excellence by doing what the bank does best—namely, looking after its clients’ needs and responding to their requirements.

Throughout the week, the bank organized various activities each day to highlight customer service, keeping the bank’s standards top of mind. This was also a way to show appreciation and thank its frontline staff and support departments, who consistently go above and beyond to uphold its client-first principles. The week kicked off with a special dedication by CIBC FirstCaribbean CEO Mr. Mark Sint Hill and the Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Pim van der Burg.

Customer Service Week has its origins in an event that took place 30 years ago, when the United States Congress officially declared it as a nationally recognized occasion to be observed during the first week of October. Over time, it has evolved into a signature event that serves as a testament to the significance of customer service and the dedicated individuals who tirelessly serve and support customers on a daily basis.

CEO of CIBC FirstCaribbean Mr. Mark Sint Hill said “We are excited to join global effort to commemorate Customer Service Week this week. You already know how I feel about our fantastic and formidable team! Customer Service Week reminds us that no matter our role, whether client facing or in a support role, we are one team and one bank, working together towards a common goal of being first for our clients.”

Mr. Pim van der Burg the Chief Commercial Officer of the bank said ”this year’s theme, Team Service is quite apt in our own banking environment and any other enterprise for that matter since, as the saying goes “one hand cannot clap”.  We therefore need to continue to work in unison to ensure that our clients see no one else ahead of us when they think about customer service.”

This year’s Customer Service Week at CIBC FirstCaribbean was a week filled with exciting activities. Employees participated by wearing different colors on various days to highlight their commitment to customer service.

The week was launched with a special salute to our client service heroes in the specially decorated branch and during the week different delicious treats were shared amongst the bank staff. The week also featured engaging events, including a “Sharing and Caring” photo competition, quizzes and the display of posters to serve as a reminder to Team CIBC FirstCaribbean of its dedication to delivering excellent customer service.

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