SINT MAARTEN POLICE REPORT: Two arrested after daylight jewel store robbery


Two arrested after daylight jewel store robbery:

On Thursday 10th November 2016 at approximately 12:50 pm the Central Dispatch received numerous calls from the public regarding an armed robbery that was taken place at a jewel store located in Kanaal Steeg, Philipsburg. Patrols from the Multi Disciplinary Team that were busy with various controls along with the bike patrol and other uniform and non uniform personal reacted immediately to the call. Due to the swift reaction of the patrols they arrived at the moment the culprits were fleeing the scene on scooters. An intense pursuit followed whereby the culprits ditched their bikes. As a result a foot pursuit by several of the officers ensued whereby they managed to apprehend two of the suspects. The rest of the area was also in the meantime cordoned off in search of the other two suspects. Members of the Forensic Team and K-9 unit were also called in the assist in the search. A home search was carried out and items of value in connection to the case were retrieved. At the station the suspects were heard by the acting prosecutor. Both young men that are presently detained at the police station are minors. The other two suspects managed to elude the search. The police department would like to thank the public who assisted the police in which way in apprehending the culprits. The further investigation is being carried out by the detective department. Any information
If anybody has got any information about this case, even if it seems very minimal, please contact us at 542-2222 and ask for the detective department. You can also come to the station to talk in person to one of the detectives that’s handling this case. If you want to share your information anonymously, you can call our tip line on 9300.

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