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Climatological Summary Curaçao


November 2016
Station: HATO, Airport
RAIN Rainfall total 282.3 Rainfall percentage total /(long-term average) 131 Rainfall 24 hour’s maximum date: 8-Nov 82.9 Rainfall amount of days >= 1.0 mm 16 Hours with rainfall 72 Hours with rainfall percentage / (long-term average) 3 Rainfall cumulative January till November 434.9 Rainfall percentage cumulative / (long-term average) -14
EVAPORATION Evaporation daily average 5.3 Evaporation monthly total 160.2 Evaporation maximum / month date: 10-Nov 9.0
SUNSHINE Sunshine duration monthly average 6 41 hrs min Sunshine percentage total / normal -14.4 % Sunshine absolute max. / month date: 16-Nov 11 6 hrs min Sunshine absolute min. / month date: 26-Nov 0 0 hrs min Solar radiation monthly average 4100 Whr / m² /day Solar radiation absolute max. / month date: 6342 Whr / m² /day Solar radiation absolute min. / month date: 405 Whr / m² /day
TEMPERATURE Temperature monthly average 28.2 Temperature monthly max. average 31.2 Temperature absolute max. date / time: 6-Nov 14:08 34.1 Temperature monthly min. average 25.7 Temperature absolute min. date / time: 8-Nov 3:23 22.9 Relative humidity monthly average 82.8
WIND Wind speed monthly average 7.5 Wind speed average max. 19.0 Wind speed absolute max. date / time: 26-Nov 10:22 29 Wind vector monthly average 89 Wind energy potential total * 33 KWhr / m² Wind energy monthly average * 1207 Whr / m² /day Wind energy potential maximum * date: 5-Nov 4237 Whr / m² /day Wind energy potential minimum * date: 22-Nov 42 Whr / m² /day
REMARKS The amount of rainfall for this month was extremely high. The absolute maximum temperature was extremely high and the absolute minimum was below normal in comparison with the 30 year averages. All wind speeds were below normal in comparison with the 30 year averages. The average maximum wind broke a record as one of the lowest average maximum wind observed for the month of November.

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