Seoul, Sur Korea

Seoul, Sur Korea
Djaluna Nort Korea a tira un proyektil inidentifiká for di su kosta oeste ku a aterisá den awanan di zona ekonomiko di Hapon. No tin reportahe di daño na avion ni botonan den e area. Ainda Nort Korea ta keda konsiderá di ta varios aña leu di ta kla pa por bombardiá Merk a ku un ICBM nuklear, pero ku kada prueba nobo, e ta mas serka na logra eksito.

foto: North Korea

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea on Monday fired an apparent ballistic missile off its east coast that landed in the waters of Japan’s economic zone, South Korean and Japanese officials said, the latest in a string of recent test launches as the North seeks to build nuclear-tipped ICBMs that can reach the U.S. mainland.
A statement by the South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the launch came from around the eastern North Korean coastal town of Wonsan. The agency added that North Korea fired a suspected Scud-type ballistic missile that flew about 450 kilometers (280 miles).
Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said what appeared to be a North Korean ballistic missile fell within Japan’s exclusive maritime economic zone. He said there was no immediate report of damage to planes or vessels in the area.
North Korea is still thought to be several years away from its goal of being able to target U.S. mainland cities with a nuclear ICBM, but each new test puts it closer to success. The North has a strong arsenal of short- and medium-range missiles that target Japan and South Korea and U.S. forces in the region, and it is working to perfect its longer-range missiles.

foto: North korea

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