‘Curaçao Boomerang’ a motivá e bishitante hulandes pa kompartí su eksperensia positivo di Kòrsou – Dutch Visitors Motivated by “Curaçao Boomerang” to Share Their Positive Curaçao Experiences

‘Curaçao Boomerang’ a motivá e bishitante hulandes pa kompartí su eksperensia positivo di Kòrsou

WILLEMSTAD – 12 di yüni 2017 – Resientemente Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) a lansa na Hulanda un kampaña pa enkurashá públiko hulandes pa kompartí nan eksperensia inolvidabel di Kòrsou, ku chèns di gana un biahe pa 2 persona pa nan isla faborito, Kòrsou! E idea tras di e kampaña riba ret sosial tabata pa akumulá mas tantu eksperensia posibel di e bishitante hulandes i asina demostrá e diversidat di Kòrsou. ‘Curaçao Boomerang’ ta forma parti di CTB su kampaña prinsipal #RightNowInCuracao.

Komo parti di e kampaña a repartí na diferente café, bar i restorant na Hulanda karchinan ku riba dje e teksto “Vertel me alles, dushi” (konta mi tur kos, dushi). E kampaña a keda promové riba e página di Facebook di Kòrsou i bou di e 25.000 konsumidónan ku ta suskribí pa risibí e boletin mensual di CTB kual ta kontené novedat turístiko i kampañanan spesial di Kòrsou. A invitá e hulandes pa kompartí su eksperensia den forma di un historia kòrtiku riba CTB su website na curacao.com/boomerang. E mihó 10 historianan a keda anunsiá dia 7 di yüni riba curacao.com/boomerang. E historia ku risibí mas tantu ‘likes’ lo ta e felis ganador. E ganador lo keda anunsiá dia 15 di yüni próksimo.

E bishitante hulandes stima Kòrsou. Hopi ta esnan ku ta bai bèk Hulanda ku eksperensianan masha bunita i ta konta nan sirkulo di amistat kon nos dushi isla a hòrta nan kurason pa semper. Esaki ta e efekto ku CTB tabata deseá di kompartí ku e kampaña aki. Kada bishitante ku kompartí nan eksperensia úniko di Kòrsou ta lanta kuriosidat serka un otro ku sigur tambe lo kier bishita Kòrsou pa por sera konosí di aserka ku nos historia, kultura i dushi hendenan.

Un bista di e kampaña ‘Curaçao Boomerang’

Dutch Visitors Motivated by “Curaçao Boomerang” to Share Their Positive Curaçao Experiences

WILLEMSTAD – June 12, 2017 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) recently launched a campaign in the Netherlands, inviting the Dutch public to share their unforgettable experiences lived in Curaçao, with the chance to win a trip for two to their favorite vacation destination Curaçao! The purpose of the social-media campaign was to showcase Curaçao’s multiplicity by gathering as many experiences of Dutch visitors as possible. “Curaçao Boomerang” is part of the CTB’s main campaign, #RightNowInCuracao.

As part of the campaign, cards were handed out at a number of cafés, bars and restaurants in the Netherlands, with the text: “Vertel me alles, dushi” (“Tell me everything, Sweetie”). The campaign was also promoted on Curaçao’s Facebook page and among the 25,000 consumers who have subscribed to receive the CTB’s monthly bulletin with Curaçao tourism news and special campaigns. The Dutch public was invited to share their experiences by posting short stories on CTB’s website at: curacao.com/boomerang. The 10 best stories were announced on curacao.com/boomerang on June 7. The author of the story receiving the most “likes” will become the happy winner. The results will be published on June 15.

Dutch visitors love Curaçao! Many return to the Netherlands with beautiful memories and tell their friends and acquaintances that our “dushi” island stole their hearts forever. And that’s exactly the kind of effect the CTB was hoping to generate with this campaign. Each time a visitor shares a unique and personal Curaçao experience with others, it makes people curious, making them want to visit the island too, and get to know our history, culture and “dushi” people for themselves.

A snapshot of the “Curaçao Boomerang” campaign

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