Main event CuraBox June 1st 2019 Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports Curacao) vs Malcolm Philips (Sint Maarten)

The Curacao Boxing Association CuraBox will organize on Saturday June 1st boxing bouts again in Sala Niels Liberia (Sentro Pedro Odulio Willems in Suffisant).
May last year this turned out to be a suitable location for boxing matches.
Boxers that participate at this event come from Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Maarten and various teams from Curacao, like; Attaf Fighting Factory, Baas Sports, Curacao Fighting School, Immartial – Athlete Centre, Kamakura ad Pro-fit.
The main event will be between Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports Curacao) and Malcolm Philips (Sint Maarten) in the weight category Middleweight, 69 till 75 kg.
Malcolm Philips (24) from Sint Maarten won his last six international bouts in a row. September last year he won at a CuraBox event the big trophy for the best boxer that night after he knocked out his opponent. This year he also won a championship belt and a gold medal by winning a tournament in the USA.
Grego Scharbaai (25) from Baas Sports won September last year Philip’s teammate, Earl Stephan Duzong from Sint Maarten in boxing. After this victory Grego had some great victories in kickboxing. At “Honor Fight League” October 2018 he won a Pakistani opponent from the Netherlands and a month ago he knocked out a Colombian opponent at “Victorious Fighters”.
Both athletes have great boxing skills so this main event promises to be a high level one.
Thursday May 16 we will announce the full matchmaking and will pay attention to other great matches.
Grego Scharbaai Baas Sports Curacao won Duzong from Sint Maarten at CuraBox September 2018
Malcolm Philips best boxer after KO victory at CuraBox event September 2018

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