Okupashon di hotèl a oumentá den Jüni 2019 kompará ku aña anterior.

Okupashon di hotèl a oumentá den Jüni 2019 kompará ku aña anterior.

Willemstad, 22 Jüli 2019 – Den Jüni di 2019 Kòrsou a registrá un okupashon di hotèl di 65.6%. Kompará ku 2018 (64.5%) esaki ta un oumento di 1.1 punto di porsentahe.

E tarifa promedio diario (ADR) a subi ku 3.9% kompará ku 2018, di $134.86 na 2018 pa $140.06 na 2019. Pa loke ta trata e entrada pa kamber disponibel (RevPAR), sifranan ta indiká un oumento un tiki mas grandi di 5.5%. E entrada pa kamber disponibel na Jüni 2018 tabata $87.05 i na 2019 ela subi pa $91.82

Aunke temporada di verano a kuminsá na paisnan friu, Jüni ta keda un bon luna pa hasi un vakashon na un destinashon kaluroso manera Kòrsou kaminda tin varios opshon di entretenimento for di aventuranan akuatiko te experensianan kultural. 

E klima na Kòrsou ta tropikal i kaluroso henter aña, ku temperaturanan entre 28 pa 31°C.

Nos playanan ku santu blanku i solo henter aña ta krea un demanda pa e destinashon ku ta tradusí den un kresemente di okupashon i debes en kuando tarifa promedio diario, kual outomatikamente ta nifika un oumento den entrada pa kamber disponibel. 

Sifranan di okupashon di hotel ta kolektá tur luna pa STR i ta basá riba 11-14 propiedat kual ta representá un total di 2500 kamber riba nos isla.


Hotel Occupancy in June 2019 increases compared to previous year

Willemstad, 22 of July 2019 – In June of 2019 Curaçao registered a hotel occupancy of 65.6%. Compared to 2018 (64.5%) this is an increase of 1.1 percentage points.  

The average daily rate (ADR) increased with 3.9% compared to 2018, from $134.86 to $140.06 in 2019. 

As for the revenue per available room (RevPAR), numbers indicate a slightly bigger increase of 5.5%. The revenue per available room in 2018 was $87.05 and in 2019 it increased to $91.82. 

Regardless of the start of the Summer season in colder countries, Curaçao remains attractive as a summer vacation destination with various leisure options ranging from adventurous aquatic activities to cultural and experiential activities. 

The climate in Curaçao is tropical and hot all year round, with daytime temperatures ranging from around 28 to around 31 °C. Our white sandy beaches and sunny weather all year round creates a demand for the destination which translates into an increase in occupancy and often ADR, which automatically also means an increase in RevPAR. 

The data on hotel performance is collected monthly by STR. The figures are based on 11-14 properties which represent a total of 2500 rooms on the island. 

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