Philipsburg, October 12th 2019

From:  Inspector E.S. Josepha


                         POLICE PRESS RELEASE

The detective department is investigating it’s second killing in the last 2 weeks. The police dispatch received several calls concerning shots being fired on the block in Dutch quarter around 00.55 am on Saturday morning. Several police patrols, paramedics and forensic department was sent to the location to investigate what had taken place.  On the scene the police encounter two cars, being a Gray Hyundai I-10 and a white Hyundai accent.


 Next to one of the cars the police located a man bleeding from gunshot wounds, who was not showing any signs of life. The area was immediately closed off by the police patrols and a crime scene established.  The forensic department started collecting evidence at the location and the detective department was speaking to potential witnesses. 

After a short investigation the detectives identified the victim  as C. W. who was shot and killed by an unknown assailant and was declared dead at the scene.   


The two cars that where on the scene and the body of the victim was confiscated.  The detective department is investigating this case and asking anyone who has information to share, please contact the police department or call the tip line on 9300.    


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