EY launches new Digital Transformation services / EY ta lansa servisionan di Transformashon Digital nobo

EY launches new Digital Transformation services 

Willemstad – EY Caribbean (EY) recently launched its Digital Transformation Services and its Transaction Advisory Services in Curaçao. From now on, EY is better able to cater to the digital and transactional needs of its clients and relations in the Dutch Caribbean.

We are living in the age of change. Digital transformation is disrupting every industry and no company is untouchable. In this growing digital world of ours, we face a future of immense possibilities. With every passing year, new technologies and services are emerging over the horizon.

With today’s extraordinary waves of technological innovation, our clients face more complex challenges than ever before. To stay ahead of disruption, they need to reimagine and to reinvent their businesses. To support them along the way, we now provide digital transformation services to accelerate new and better ways of working for our clients, i.e. by using Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics. 

For us at EY it is important to own the enterprise transformation space. That is why we are continuously investing in our people and services to make sure that we are able to lead these changes and build a better working world. For questions about these new services, please contact EY Curaçao. 



EY ta lansa servisionan di Transformashon Digital nobo

Willemstad – Resientemente EY Caribbean (EY) a lansa dos servisio nobo na su klientenan den Karibe Hulandes. Kuminsando awor, klientenan di EY por hasi uso di servisionan di Transformashon Digital i di servisionan di Transakshon.

Nos ta bibando den un mundu di kambio. Transformashon digital ta kambiando henter e industria i esaki ta afektá tur kompania. Den e mundu digital di awendia, nos ta enkontrando posibilidatnan inmenso. Kada aña ku pasa, teknologianan i servisionan nobo ta presentá.

Dor di e inovashonnan teknológiko ekstraordinario aki, nos klientenan ta enkontrá retonan mas kompliká ku ántes. Pa por sobrebibí den e mundu aki, nan tin ku reimaginá i reinventá nan mes. Pa por sostené nan den proseso aki, EY ta bai ofresé servisionan di transformashon digital i di transakshon pa asina klientenan por krea miho maneranan pa traha. Ehempelnan ta konsití di “Robotics”, Inteligensia Artifisial i Análisis di data. 

Pa EY ta importante pa guia e transformashonnan aki. Pa e motibu ei, EY ta invertí kontinuamente den nos hendenan i servisionan. Ku esaki nos ta kontribui na nos meta, kual ta pa krea un miho mundu di trabou. Pa mas informashon tokante nos servisionan nobo, por fabor tuma kontakto ku EY Kòrsou.


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