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Willemstad – Monday, January 6th, 2020: Today, Curaçao’s first authentic Montessori school
celebrates its first anniversary. The Montessori School offers programs for children between 18
months and 6 years in Spanish, English and Mandarin. Next month it will expand its early
childhood education program to cover infants from 6 months up to 18 months.

The official opening of the first authentic Montessori environment on the island took place at
sunset on January 6th, 2019 with the launch of its full-immersion Spanish primary environment.
In August 2019 the school expanded its programs to include a toddler environment and they
added English as an instructional language in the classroom. As per February 2020, the school
will offer a tri-lingual environment in both the toddler and primary classroom as well as a Nido
program from infants. The school will also offer more parent and teacher education this year.
The early childhood education programs and the teacher and parent education classes and

workshops are a first step within a much bigger plan. Within the next five years The Montessori
School will add an elementary program (6 to 12-year-olds) and an adolescent program (12 to 18-
year-olds) to its services as well as build a training center for aspiring Montessori teachers and a
program for dementia patients. “I’m especially excited about 2020, because this year Montessori
schools all over the world celebrate 150 years of Maria Montessori’s birth. Together with our
parent committee, consisting of very talented people, we plan to organize many fun and
educational events to celebrate,” says Danielle Palm, the current head of school at The
Montessori School.

The Montessori School
At The Montessori School we provide an environment as Maria Montessori intended. The children
are given the right environment and materials designed by Maria Montessori herself to lead
themselves through a pathway of development, which is precisely in tune with their individual
pace. This holistic curriculum shapes devoted and caring individuals, who naturally love to learn.
Montessori is a widely taught pedagogy, with a growing number of successful graduates doing
very well in their chosen vocation; often leaders and entrepreneurs in their field. Visit our website
at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @montessoricuracao.


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