Sint Maarten Police Teenage boy and missing from Pelican area.  / Apartment fire in Fort Willem 

Philipsburg, Februari 1st  2020


Teenage boy and missing from Pelican area


The parents of a teenage boy and girl filed reports with the Police patrol from Simpson Bay regarding their missing teenagers.   According to the reports these both teenagers who are 12 and 13 years old were last seen by t in the vicinity of the Buccaneers beach bar about 09.00 pm on Saturday night January 31st   2020. The two teenagers had not contacted their parents up to the time the report was being made.


The young man who name is Ajae N. DAYDAY lives at Citrine Derive nr 5 is a student of the Sint Dominic school.  He is 13-year-old clear completion

His Mother is Miss Cleopatra Halley and can be contacted on phone number is 5203255


The young female who name is. Helen Cartagena – Valencia resides at Peterson drive nmber 4 apartment 1-A .

Her Mother’s name is Angela Valencia and her phone number is 526-3226.

The police patrol has been out on the road look for these two teenagers.  


Anyone who have seen these two minors or have any information that can help the parents and the Police Department to locate the missing teenager should immediately contact the  the detectives via phone at 542-2222 ext 203 204 205,

The anonymous tip line # 9300 or persons with information can also send a private

message via our Facebook Page- Police Force of Sint Maarten – Korps Politie Sint

Maarten or website 24/7.


Apartment fire in Fort Willem 


The Central dispatch directed the police and the fire department to Fort Willem On Saturday morning February 1st 2020, about 10.00 am where a house was on fire. 


At the residences number 30 in fort Willem, the police patrol encountered a small apartment that was on fire and the and an apartment close vicinity by which was danger if being damaged by flames. 


The fire department who were already on the scene were busy battling to extinguish the fire and trying to protect the second apartment from being burned. 


 The fire was quickly extinguished by the personnel of the fire department.  It was later ascertained from the personnel of the fire department that the cause of the fire was most likely electrical.  


The investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing.  

A resident of one of the apartments suffered some smoke inhalation, but was treated at the scene, by the paramedics and later transported to the S.M.M.C   for observation.


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