Sint Maarten Police Warning of dangerous games being played at schools 

Philipsburg, Februari 11th 2020

Warning of dangerous games being played at schools 

The police have taken note a very dangerous new game taking place on and around the school premises on Sint Maarten, what students call the Skull-breaker” or “Jump”.                                                                                                               This game involves three or more students standing close together, whereby the one standing in the middle is encouraged to jump as high as possible.

The person standing on opposite sides then kicks or pushes the jumper’s legs out from under them causing them to fall. The jumper then loses control in the air and comes crashing down to the ground. This can result in this person hitting their head or other parts of their body causing them serious injury.

 The Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM) is very concerned about this dangerous game and encourages parents and guardians to speak to their children about this phenomenon and convince them not to participate in these challenges. Those organizing or participating in this game should be aware that causing willful bodily harm to others can have legal consequences for all does involved.


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