Sint Maarten Police: Man stabbed on  the Billy Folly road. 

Man stabbed on  the Billy Folly road. 

The police dispatch received several calls on Sunday evening around 11.00 pm , concerning a stabbing that took place close to the entrance of the Billy Folly road.

When the patrol and ambulance personnel  arrived on the scene, they encountered the victim with the initials  O.A.R who had received a several stab wounds to his chest and abdomen. 

The victim who is a manager of one of the nearby restaurant ,was assaulted on the parking lot,  by an unknown assailant was stabbed multiple times and was bleeding profusely. 

 He was treated by the ambulance  personnel on the scene by the paramedics  and was rushed to the Sint Maarten Medical Center where he was immediately  operated on. The victim who is in critical condition could not gave a statement to the detectives of what had taken place.

The patrol approached several persons who were on the scene  gathering information on exactly what had taken place.  

According to the information received, that the suspect  who was dressed in red shirt and dark colored pants approached the victim stabbed the victim several times severely injuring the victim.  

After ill-treating the victim with the knife,  the suspect fled scene in the direction of Kimsha  beach. The patrol carried out an intensive search in the area Simpsonbay  to find and arrest the suspect, but he was not found.  

During the search for the suspect  the police personnel found and confiscated  several items in the area that probably belonged  to the suspect.

The reason why the suspect had ill-treated the victim if for the police so far not clear. This investigation is ongoing. 


Police arrest two suspected armed robbers 

The dispatch center received  several calls concerning an armed robbery that took place in Marian Estate on  early Saturday morning around 09.30 am.  

On the scene the police patrol learned that,  four men all brandishing firearms arrived at the address in Marian Estate  in two vehicles. They stormed into a house and demanded cash from the female resident while threatening her with their firearms . After robbing the victim of  cash, the suspects fled the scene in the towards Cole-bay. 

While the police patrol was busy searching the area for the suspects, the dispatch center received information about the cars the suspect were driving and this information was given thru to the police patrols.

Around 12.30 pm  the police patrol  spotted one of the vehicles that was involved in the robbery in the Dutch Quarter  area. The suspects were requested to stop but tried to evade the police who were attempting to apprehend them . 

With assistance from other officers different departments , the police was successful in arresting the two suspects who were in the vehicle.

Two firearms were later found during a search that the police carried out on the vehicle the two suspected robbers were driving . The weapons  were confiscated for further investigation. The two male suspects with the initials L.L.W and A.E.L were brought to the Philipsburg police station were they are being held for questioning . 

The detectives investigating this armed robbery case is asking anyone who has  further information into this case to please contact the Sint Maarten Police Force at +1 721- 542 22 22 ext. 204 or 205 or the anonymous tip line on 9300 .  You can also visit the police website at or leave a message via our face book page (Police Force of Sint Maarten – Korps Politie Sint Maarten)


Arrests made at the airport over the weekend 

The Immigration and Alpha team were kept busy over the weekend with different arrest on the airport for passengers  arriving on Sint Maarten with fake documents  

On Saturday, March 07, three men were arrests by immigration and Alpha Team

The man with initials M.J.D. who came to with the flight from the Dom Rep was arrested at 3.00 pm with a falsified passport from Antigua and Bermuda.  

Later that same day the team also arrested  two men with initials C.C.D. and M.S. who came to Sint Maarten with the with the flight from Haiti 14.40 pm  for being in possession of falsified Canadian documents. 

On Sunday 08 March about 4:45 pm the team again  arrest a man with initials J.W.F. who arrived in Sint Maarten on the flight from Haiti. The suspect was in possession of with a falsified Dominican passport.     

All four suspects are were  transport to the Philipsburg police station were they are being held for questioning.





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