SINT MAARTEN POLICE: Purse snatchers injures victim in Maho area / Notaries burglar arrested in

Philipsburg, March 16th 2020

Purse snatchers injures victim in Maho area
The Police Patrols were directed to a supermarket on the Rhine road on Sunday afternoon march 15th about, about 2.30 pm women who was injured by an assailant who tried snatching her handbag.
According to the information gathered on the scene, two men on a black scooter, approached the female victim while walking in the Maho area and tried to rob her of her handback. During this attempted bag snatching the victim fell on the ground and was dragged while still holding on to her bag.
The robbers didn’t achieve their goal of separating the victim from her bag. After leaving go of the handbag of the victim, the two suspects fled on the scooter in the direction of lowlands.
The female victim who suffered bruises over her body, was treated on the scene by the paramedics and later transported to the Sint Maarten Medical center. She was later released and sent home.
The Sint Maarten Police Force is requesting any information from persons who may have seen or recognize the suspects connected to this investigation,
In an effort to prevent your purse or wallet from being snatched, the police of Sint Maarten have put together a few tips that can help to keep you and your belongings safe while out and about.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Are you in a well-traveled area, or on a sparsely
populated street, hidden from view? Are those around you walking with purpose, or are they
just “hanging around”, watching others? Trust your gut feelings. If you feel something’s not
right, it probably isn’t right.

Purse snatcher often work in teams. So minimize the Potential for Loss by carrying only small amounts of cash and carrying only credit cards you actually plan to use.

Wear a strap long enough to go “across your body”. Not having easy access to just take off
with your purse will make them think twice about committing the crime.

Consider an alternative to a purse (or a wallet). “Fanny packs” are becoming more common,
and even smaller “waist wallets” that strap around your waist are common for those who
travel abroad.

Notaries burglar arrested in
On early Sunday morning march 15th 2020 about 04.30 am, the central dispatch received a call from a resident of Pelican Cove in Pelican concerning an intruder in his house. The caller gave thru to the dispatch center that an unknown man had broken into his home and fled the scene after he being spotted.
A description of the suspect was given to the police patrols, who were on their way to the address. After a quick search in the area the patrols were able to apprehend the notorious burglar G.R, after information surfaced about his where about. G.R is suspected of burglarizing different homes in the area of pelican over the last few months
After being detained he was brought over to the police station in Philipsburg where he being held for questioning.

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