Aruba Emergency Social Assistance Fund (PHASE)

Emergency Social Assistance Fund (PHASE)
Pa avoids mass retirement from crisis period causes for the virus di corona (COVID-19), government of Aruba to introduce phase. This is a financial help for the wordo affects during the crisis here. Community di Aruba complete (trade and trahado) mester cooperates. Ta pa and motibo here to introduce a package of relief to avoid employer is left without trabou / entry. During the period here government allowed it a company baha and orario di trabou na “0” uren of e employee ta has paid to pay for a traha. Esaki kiermen cu even though and employee does not lose his work, ta possible with bay back give his salary of lost entry.
Emergency Social Assistance Fund (Phase), only for the loss of lost entry for motibo di e coronavirus.
Logically tin condition – and rekisitonan cu mester met with no pa bin na remarks for PHASE.

ø Bo a wordo sends cas without payment
Ø Bo entrada a baha te bou di Afl. 950,- mensual Ø Bo a wordo retira for di trabou

ø Bo dunado notification card of trabou
ø last salarisslip, of last 2 x salarisslip if ta charge for fortnight ø ID / Paspoort valid
ø valid permission (if ta apply)
ø Bank Account
Ø Person number

Application process:
ø via website and follow instruction ø via phone 280-0707



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