CHATA ta lansa Stay Home Hospitality Academy Curaçao den kolaborashon ku SVH. / CHATA launches Stay Home Hospitality Academy Curaçao in collaboration with SVH.

CHATA ta lansa Stay Home Hospitality Academy Curaçao den kolaborashon ku SVH.


Willemstad, 27 di mart 2020 – Despues di e ultimo desaroyonan den kuadro di COVID-19, CHATA ta haña di sumo importansia pa komuniká debidamente ku su miembronan riba un base diario kompartiendo informashon relevante. Komo asosashon di Hospitalidat i Turismo, CHATA ta haña importante pa laga su miembro sinti sigur den un situashon di krisis. Asina, aparte di komunikashon diario durante e temporada difisil aki, CHATA ya a fasilitá su miembronan ku diferente seshonnan online (webinar) tokante e.o. strategianan di merkadeo, medidanan di impuesto, seguro i rekurso humano.


CHATA ta konsiente di e impakto di e medidanan kontra e pandemia akí riba e sektor di hospitalidat i tambe e miles di personanan ku ta laborá den e industria akí diariamente.

Pa e motibu aki CHATA ta lansa, den kolaborashon ku partner SVH (Stichting vakbekwaamheid Horeca), un Stay Home Hospitality Academy Curaçao.

Stay Home Hospitality Academy Curaçao ta brinda tur empleado di horeca e oportunidat, pa di un forma kompletamente gratis durante dos luna, sigui kursonan online pa medio di diferente pakete di e-learning.

Na final di partisipashon e partisipante ta risibí un sertifikado di partisipashon di CHATA i tambe SVH.


“CHATA i tambe SVH ta komprondé e impakto di e situashon ku nos isla ta biba, sinembargo ta importante pa den tempunan disfisil keda positivo i tambe krea perspektiva pa futuro.

E gòlpinan por ta fuerte, pero hasiendo bon uso di nos tempu na kas, invertiendo den nos mes, nos por kontribuí na un sektor di turismo i hospitalidat briante pa futuro.

Normalmente e kontenido aki ta disponibel pa miembronan di CHATA i partnernan di e.o. Kla Pa Turismo. Sinembargo mirando e situashon aktual, CHATA i SVH ta hasi e lisensianan disponibel durante un periodo di 2 luna pa sektor kompletu”, segun presidente i CEO di CHATA, sr. Miles Mercera.


“Horeca tin mester di nos sosten awor! Sigur ku e gòlpi aki i pa tur e empleadonan ku aktualmente no por traha, nos ke duna un man. Pa e funshonnan den kushina i servisio nos ta pone paketenan di e-learning disponibel. Na Ulanda, e inisiativa aki ta andando kaba ya pa 7 dia i hendenan ta hasiendo uso di dje masalmente. Ku e #StayHomeHospitalityAcademy empleadonan por hasi bon uso di nan tempu  trahando gratis riba nan abilidatnan den horeca”, segun director di SVH, sr. Ricardo Eshuis


Hasiendo uso di un portal personal, e partisipante por sigui tur e módulonan online, proveé pa SVH, den e direkshon di preferensia.

Pa mas informashon, registrashon i petishon di lisensia (bálido pa 2 luna), bishitá i sigui e instrukshonnan.


Pa kualkier otro pregunta, tuma kontakto ku nos libremente na:


CHATA launches Stay Home Hospitality Academy Curaçao in collaboration with SVH.


Willemstad, 27 March, 2020 – After the recent developments in relations to COVID-19, CHATA finds it of extreme importance to communicate relevant information with its members on a daily basis. As the Hospitality and Tourism Association, CHATA finds it important for their members feel secure in times of crisis. Therefore, aside from the daily communication during this difficult time, CHATA also offered its members different webinars on topics such as marketing strategy, employment measures, tax measures and insurance.


CHATA is aware that the impact of the measures taken against the pandemic has greatly affected the hospitality and tourism sector, as well as the thousands of people who are employed in the industry. For this reason, CHATA launches, in collaboration with partner SVH (Stichting Vakbekwaamheid Horeca), a Stay Home Hospitality Academy Curaçao. Stay Home Hospitality Academy Curaçao will give all hospitality employees the opportunity to follow different packages of e-learning courses online, completely free, for two months. After participation, the participant will receive a participation certificate from CHATA and SVH.


“CHATA and SVH understand the impact of the situation that our island is facing, nevertheless it’s important to stay positive during difficult times and also create perspective for the future. The impact might be big, but by making good use of our time at home and investing in ourselves, we can contribute to a bright future for the hospitality and tourism sector. Normally this content is available for CHATA members and partners only, for example, Kla Pa Turismo. However, seeing how the situation is currently on our island, CHATA and SVH are making this information available for the entire sector for the period of 2 months”, shares Mr. Miles Mercera, CEO and President of CHATA.


“The hospitality sector needs our support now! With the hit it’s facing now, and all the employees who are unable to work, we want to lend a hand. For the kitchen and service functions, we will have the e-learning packages available. In the Netherlands, this initiative has already been taking place for 7 days and the people are making great use of it. With the #StayHomeHospitalityAcademy, employees can make good use of their time, working on their ability and skills in the hospitality sector, for free,” according to SVH director, Mr. Ricardo Eshuis.


Making use of a personal portal, the participant can follow the modules online, provided by SVH, in their preferred direction

For more information, registration and license request (valid for two months), visit and follow the instructions.


For any other questions, feel free to contact us per email at:

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