CHATA ta aploudí esfuersonan di Gobièrnu Pa mantené empleadonan di industria

CHATA ta aploudí esfuersonan di Gobièrnu Pa mantené empleadonan di industria



Willemstad, 6 di aprel 2020 – A konsekuensia di e pandemia di COVID-19, e simannan tras di lomba tabata turbulento i difísil, pa sektor di turismo i komunidat kompletu. CHATA ta rekonosé ku e industria di Turismo i Hospitalidat ta un di e sektornan ku mas a keda impaktá i ku mas fragil lo keda pa e siguiente kuartal benidero. Sinemanrgo, CHATA ta aploudí i rekonosé e esfuersonan baliente i medidanan tumá pa Gobièrnu di Kòrsou pa sigurá seguridat, salú públiko i bienestar di nos tur.


For di na inisio di e krisis akí, CHATA su foko prinsipal ta pa sostené su membresia na diferente manera ku enfasis riba cashlow i sigurá empleo di e 16.000 profeshonalnan den industria. Komo partner di Gobièrnu den tur loke ta trata Turismo, CHATA ta den dialogonan kontinuo ku Ministerio di Desaroyo Ekonomiko ofresiendo ekspertisio pa un plan di sosten i tambe kompartiendo data di e impakto riba e industria.


CHATA su prekupashon prinsipal di empleo i sosten di labor a keda dirigí pa Gobièrnu di Kòrsou. E indusutria di Turismo, similar na otro industrianan afektá na Kòrsou, lo risibí sosten laboral den forma di un supsidio pa asina kumpli ku obligashonnan di empleo. E sosten aki lo impaktá empleadonan direktamente dunando nan seguridat di trabou pa futuro i tambe pues un entrada.  E plan di sosten laboral presentá lo ta e motor pa mantené nos industria sobrebibente. Tambe e lo yuda, den sierto forma, garantisá kontinuidat di negoshi, manteniendo e infrastruktura ekonomiko di negoshi, garantisando un rekuperashon más rapido unabes e krisis di COVID-19 pasa. Esaki, en kombinashon ku e plannan presentá anteriormente, tur ta ingredientennan importante pa surpasá e krisis di COVID-19.


CHATA ta aploudí Gobièrnu pa e pasonan tumá i ta spera ku Gobièrnu Ulandes pronto aprobá e plan akí pa ehekushon, inkuluí e fondonan nesesario. Tempu ta esensial den kuadro di e proposishon pa sosten laboral.


CHATA ta invitá tur otro sektor ekonomiko pa sostené e inisiativa i propuesta di Gobièrnu di Kòrsou. Ban ehekutá e plan aki mas miho ku nos por.


Den kuadro di kolaborashon, CHATA, huntu ku miembro Aqualectra, tambe a yega na un palabrashon ku ta benefisiá e asosashon i su membresia. E palabrashon ta enfoká riba e sosten tan nesesario pa baha gastu di obligashonnan finansiero mensual durante e krisis.

Pa e motibu aki, CHATA ta ekstendé palabranan di gratitut na Aqualectra pa rekonosé e urgensia di e situashon i tambe nan disponibilidat pa yuda durante e tempu difisil aki.


CHATA ta enkurashá tur hende pa kuida, ser amabel i solidario durante e temporada difisil aki. Ta nos tur ta huntu den e situashon aki. E krisis aki lo ta e fundeshi pa reposishoná Kòrsou pa un futuro briante.



CHATA Applauds the Government’s Efforts

to keep our industry employed


Willemstad, April 06, 2020 – It has been a rough and turbulent past few weeks due to COVID-19 which translated into a lot of uncertainty within the tourism sector and community. CHATA recognizes that the hospitality and tourism industry is one of the sectors that have been impacted the most and will continue to be volatile for the next quarter to come. CHATA also applauds and recognizes the courageous efforts and measures taken by the Government of Curaçao to ensure safety, public health and well-being of all of us.


CHATA’s main focus since the beginning of the crisis was to support its membership in various ways with a focus on liquidity (cash flow) and to secure employment of 16.000 industry professionals. CHATA, as partner of the government for all tourism related affairs, has been in constant dialogue with the Ministry of Economic Development to provide input on the support plan and sharing of data on the impact of the industry.


CHATA’s major concern of employment and labor support has been addressed by the Government of Curaçao. The tourism industry, similar to the other affected industries in Curaçao, will be receiving labor support in the form of a subsidy to be able to comply with its employment obligations. This support will directly impact the employees in the industry by allowing them to keep their job/employment and continue to receive their income. The labor support plan presented will be the driving force behind the survival of our industry. It will also help, in some way, guarantee business continuity by keeping the economic infrastructure of the business in place and to guarantee a quicker comeback once the COVID-19 crisis has passed. This, in combination with the previously announced plans, are all important ingredients to be able to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.


CHATA applauds the government for the steps taken and hopes that the Government of the Netherlands will quickly approve this plan for execution including the arrangement of the necessary funding. Time is of the essence in regard to this labor support proposal.


CHATA invites all other economic sectors to support this initiative and proposal by the Government of Curaçao and let us execute this plan to the best of our ability.


In the spirit of collaboration, CHATA, along with Member Aqualectra, have also reached an agreement that is beneficial for the association and its members. The agreement focuses on the much-needed support to lower the monthly financial obligations during the crisis. Therefore, CHATA also wants to extend gratitude to Aqualectra for recognizing the urgency of the situation and willingness to aid during such a difficult time.


CHATA wants to encourage everyone to stay safe, be kind and be considerate during these troubled times; we are all in this together. This crisis will be the building ground to re-position Curaçao for a brighter future ahead.


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