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Miembronan di CHATA ta ofresé tarifa lokal / CHATA Members are Offering Local Deals

Miembronan di CHATA ta ofresé tarifa lokal

Willemstad, 8 di mei 2020 – Awe ta e promé dia ofisial ku negoshi por kontinuá bou di reglanan di higiena nobo. Kòrsou su ekonomia a keda seriamente afektá pa COVID-19, sinembargo, awor ta tempu pa krese bèk. Gobièrnu a anunsiá ku nos isla tin ku rekuperá lokalmente, promé ku habri frontera pa risibí bishitante di afó.


Pa stimula negoshi lokal, miembronan di CHATA ta ofresé tarifanan speshal pa lokalnan gosa. Tene na kuenta ku no ta tur negoshi o hotèl ta operá ahinda, sinembargo, entrante awe lo tin varios pakete ku diferente tarifa pa skohe.


Pa amantenan di laman, CURious2Dive i Goby Divers ta ofresé tarifanan speshal pa lokalnan. CURious2DIVE ta ofresé diferente pakete ku ta inkluí ekipo, manera e.o. introdukshon di sambuyá, un kurso den laman habrí pa i un buskeda di Lionfish kaminda bo por bai kas ku bo propio piská. Goby Divers ta ofresé deskuento kaminda e di dos persona ta risibí un seshon gratis durante ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ i e introdukshon di sambuyá ta inkluí un 50% deskuento pa e di dos persona.


Pa loke ta trata akomodashonnan, Avila Beach Hotel ta ofresé un tarifa lokal di 99USD pa un kamber standar pa anochi, eksluí impuesto di kamber. Tambe tin posibilidat pa hasi uso di nan voucher ‘Pay Now, Stay Later’. Nan spa, Cloud Nine, tambe tin 4 diferente oferta ku ta inkluí 3 pakete relahante pa dia di mama of tin e opshon pa risibí un masashi so pa 59USD. Tin posibilidat pa un menu di dia di mama i take out i delivery di Schooner Bar & Terrace tambe. Papagayo Curaçao tambe ta introdusí su HERO voucher na balor di 150USD. Esaki ta aplikabel pa empleadonan di sektornan vital durante e pandemi.


Otro miembro akomodashon di CHATA ku ta ofresé tarifa lokal ta Rancho El Sobrino. E propiedat ta inkluí un pisina i ta ofresé 3 pakete atraktivo pa un estadia di 2 anochi/3 dia kuminsando for di Nalf 199. Bahia Apartments & Diving i Lagoon Ocean Resort ta ofresé 25% riba nan tarifa usual. Bahia Diving lo duna un deskuento di 25% riba tur ekipo di sambuyá, Bahia Restaurant a redusí tur nan tarifanan i ta inkluí un 50% di deskuento riba tur bebida.


Otro miembronan di CHATA, ACOYA Curaçao Resort Villas and Spa i Sirena Bay Estate tambe tin un tarifa atraktivo pa lokalnan. ACOYA ta ofresé un kamber standar, incluí impuesto di kamber, pa 99USD. Por ultimo Sirena Bay Estate den Pietermaai ta ofresé e lokalidat kompletu pa 82,50USD pa persona pa anochi pa 2-6 persona den luna di mei i jüni ku un estadia mínimo di 3 anochi.


Speshalmente durante e temporada aki nos mester sostené nos ekonomia lokal pa asina rekuperá i sali afó mas fuerte ku nunka. Ku yudansa di komunidat kompletu, nos establesementu i negoshinan por prepará pa e momentu ku Kòrsou ta kla pa habri forntera. Awor ta tempu pa probechá di e tarifa lokalnan aki i haña chèns pa eksperiensa bo isla den forma di un staycation. Pa mas speshalnan espektakular, bishitá entretante otro siman i bishitá CHATA su pagina di Facebook.


CHATA Members are Offering Local Deals

Willemstad, May 08, 2020 – Today marks the first official day that businesses can continue to operate under new hygiene guidelines. Curaçao’s economy was greatly affected by COVID-19, however now is the time to build back up. The Government announced that the island must recover locally first, before opening borders to receive global visitors.


In order to stimulate business locally, CHATA Members are offering special deals for locals to enjoy. Keep in mind that not all businesses and accommodations are operating yet, however starting today, there will be a number of packages with different prices to choose from.


For ocean lovers, CURious 2 DIVE and Goby Divers are offering great local specials. CURious 2 DIVE is offering several deals including equipment, such as an introduction to dive, an open water course and a Lionfish hunt where you can take your own fish home. Goby Divers is offering various discounts, where the second person you bring will receive their session for free during ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ and the introduction to diving includes 50% off for the second person.


For Accommodations, Avila Beach Hotel is offering a special local rate of 99 USD for a Standard Room per night, excluding taxes, or you could make use of their ‘Pay Now, Stay Later’ Voucher. Their Cloud Nine Spa, also has 4 different offers, including 3 relaxing Mother’s Day packages or just an Absolute Massage for 59 USD. They also offer a Mother’s Day Menu and Schooner Bar & Terrace take our & delivery menu. Papagayo Curaçao is also introducing the HERO voucher with a value of 150 USD. This HERO voucher is applied to those who had vital jobs in the midst of this pandemic.


Another CHATA Accommodations Member offering local deals is Rancho El Sobrino. The property, which includes a pool, is offering 3 attractive packages for a 2night/3day stay starting at Nalf. 199 for two adults. Bahia Apartments & Diving and Lagoon Ocean Resort are offering 25% off their normal rate. While Bahia Diving offers 25% off on all diving material and Bahia Restaurant lowered all their prices and includes a 50% discount on all drinks.


CHATA Accommodations Members ACOYA Curaçao Resort Villas and Spa and Sirena Bay Estate also have an attractive deal for locals. ACOYA is offering a Standard Room, including taxes, for 99USD. Lastly, Sirena Bay Estate in Pietermaai is offering the entire estate for 82,50 USD per night per person in May and June 2020 accommodating 2-6 people.


It is during these times that we must support our local economy in order to build back up together and come out stronger. With the help from the community, our establishments and businesses can prepare for when Curaçao opens its borders again. Now is the time to take advantage of these local deals and get the chance to experience your island in the manner of a staycation. For more amazing deals check out as of next week and our CHATA Facebook page.


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