Panneflek: Nursing the world to health!

Nursing the world to health!


Philipsburg – The Honorable Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor VSA Richard Panneflek announces that today is International Nurses Day (IND), a day that celebrates the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale.  Ms. Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820, and was the founder of modern nursing. She is famous for changing the way nurses were viewed, raising the standards for nurses and educating them. COVID-19 has reiterated the need to continue to invest in our nurses and health care in general.


On the occasion of the International Day of the Nurse and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the World Health Organization (WHO) joins hundreds of partners worldwide to highlight the importance of nurses in the healthcare continuum and thank nurses for what they do. The theme for this year is” Nursing the World to Health”.


Let us take this time to celebrate and recognize our nurses who have been working tirelessly on the frontlines. Everyday you provide essential care and save lives of many. We understand that you have been risking your lives and the lives of those closest to you while working to save others during this global pandemic. The incredible job that you are doing can never go unnoticed, as you have been working with the most vulnerable during this time.


The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder of the vital role nurses play. Without nurses and other healthcare workers, we will not win the battle against this pandemic and possible future outbreaks. As Minister of VSA you have my commitment to:

1.Continue to ensure nurses have the necessary resources to help respond to and control COVID-19 and future outbreaks including unhindered access to personal protective equipment.

2 Continue to have access to mental health support during these difficult times.

  1. Have the right to get tested when and if needed.


Minister Panneflek would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all nurses today on International Nurses Day. A special thank you goes out to the nurses at the St. Maarten Medical Center, the nurses at the White and Yellow Cross, the nurses aboard the Ambulance, the nurses at CPS and the nurses volunteering at CPS with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your compassion, commitment and care to all patients you come into contact with. Please know that your selfless dedication to your craft is greatly appreciated.


I would like to leave you with an inspiring quote often spoken by nurses: “I am a nurse, I don’t stop when I am tired. I stop when I am done!”


I pray for all nurses and express words of thanks for the healing and light they bring to many.

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