Ministerio Boluntario di Freewinds hunto cu bomberonan ta bai misa. / FREEWINDS VOLUNTEER MINISTERS FIREFIGHTERS GO TO CHURCH

Ministerio Boluntario di Freewinds hunto cu bomberonan ta bai misa.

Awor cu no tin restriccion riba e cantidad di persona cu por ta hunto , misanan a cuminsa habri pa sirbishi. E Ministerio di boluntario di Freewinds, hunto cu e e cuerpo di bombero un biaha mas a wordo yama pa duna asistencia pa desinfecta.

Ta imposibel cuantifica e dano y sufrimento na humanidad cu COVID-19 a ocasiona.

Awor, tal vez, mas cu nunca hende lo busca nan misa como un lugar pa busca sosten y inspiracion.

Un di e lugarnan asina ta Immaculata Concepcion na Sta Cruz, caminda bomberonan y e ministerio di boluntario di Freewinds  a wordo pidi pa desinfecta  e misa en preparacion pa nan prome santo sacrificio di misa  despues cu e “shelter in place”  a wordo elimina. E misa a tuma lugar diadomingo 24 di Mei.

Durante e accion di desinfecta e misa siman pasa, pastor Jairo Maduro a wordo introduce na e buk i”How to keep yourself and others well” Despues di a revisa e buki pastor Jairo Maduro a tealisa cu e buki aki mester ta den man di esnan cu ta bishita e misa y ela pidi 1000 copia di e buki. Ela aprecia e gesto enormemente y a bisa; ” Hopi Danki. Nos ta content di tin personanan manera boso trahando  pa hasi nos misa limpi. Un biaha mas , danki pa e material importante aki. Asina nos hendenan por sa con pa biba na un manera sano  tur dia. Hopi hopi danki.”

Durante e misa e bukina a wordo introduci pa Pastor Jairo y despues di misa nan a wordo reparti na e bishitantenan di misa.

E bukinan “How to keep yourself and others well”, hunto cu informacion adicional con pa mantene bo mes sano ta obtenibel online na https://www.






ORANJESTAD – With the restrictions easing on the number of persons that can gather together churches are opening up for services.  Freewinds Volunteer Ministers along with the Aruba Fire Department have been called on to assist.


It is impossible to quantify the amount of human upset and suffering that has been caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Now, perhaps more than ever, people will be looking to their churches as places for solace and inspiration.  


One such place is the Immaculate Conception Church in Santa Cruz, where the firefighters and volunteer ministers were requested to sanitize the church in preparation for the fist mass being held after the stay at home order was lifted.  The mass took place on Sunday 24 May.  


During the sanitation process which was done last week, Father Jairo Maduro was introduced to the Stay Well booklet “How to Keep Yourself and Others Well”.  After reviewing the booklet Father Maduro realized this information needs to be in the hands of his parishioners and requested 1,000 booklets.  He was very appreciative saying, “Thank you so much.  We are so glad to have you people here working this morning to clean the church. Again thanks a lot for this very important material so people can know how to be safe every day. Thank you so much!”  


During the mass the booklets were introduced by Father Maduro and then handed out to the parishioners as they left the church. 


The How to Stay Well booklets, along with additional information on how to stay well, can be found online at




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