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Sint Maarten Police: Unnecessary speeding results in collision. 

Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  

Philipsburg, Monday June 8th 2020


Unnecessary speeding results in collision. 


Over the past weekend the Sint Maarten Police Force Patrols were directed to the scene of a car collision, which took place on the L.B. Scott, heading towards the Church Hill round- bout on Saturday 06th June 2020. 


After further investigation on scene officers were able to gather that the driver behind the wheel of a Hyundai Elantra,  was traveling at very high speeds on the L.B. Scott Road towards the Church Hill roundabout and lost control of the vehicle resulting in a serious collision. 


The driver of the Elantra, with initials J.C.L. (32), slid from the Sugar Hill intersection to the Church Hill round about causing serious damages in its path. As he slid he collided with an oncoming vehicle, causing that driver to also lose control. The driver of a Kia Rio slammed in to a street lights damaging the   pole on the roundabout. 

Both vehicles were severely damaged but luckily the both drivers only sustained minor injuries. 


It is imperative that the Sint Maarten Police Force, once again, inform the general public of the necessity to be cautious on the road ways, remember the life that you save might be your own. Unnecessary excessive speeding can count you or another road user their life. 


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