Invershon pa futuro CHATA ta publiká su Product Update, edishon Back to Business / Investing Towards the Future CHATA Publishes ‘Back to Business’ Product Update

Invershon pa futuro

CHATA ta publiká su Product Update, edishon Back to Business


Wilemstad, 23 di yüli 2020 – Tur aña, CHATA ta publiká su Product Update kaminda ta ilustrá produkto i servisionan nobo di su miembronan i e aña aki no ta un eksepshon. Miembronan di CHATA a probechá di e oportunidat pa durante e temporada difisil aki re-inventá nan mes i invertí den nan produkto. Sea ta den forma di un renobashon, ekspanshon, produkto o servisio nobo, CHATA su Product Update ta ilustrá tur esaki, inkluso algun miembro nobo.


E revista online ta dividí den tres sekshon: hotèl, plaser i produktonan nobo. Esaki ta hasi e revista mas aksesibel pa e lesadó. Den kategoría di hotèl in e.o. restorantnan nobo di hotèl, renobashon di lobby, kamber o villa, ekspanshon di playa o kamber, pakete i/o ofertanan speshal o produktonan nobo manera sarbètè, pisina i otro muebleria. E kategoría di plaser ta inkluí atrakshonnan i menunan di resorant nobo, ofertanan speshal i ekshibishon. Produktonan nobo ta ilustrá algun produkto nobo di diferente miembro di CHATA.


Segun e Presidente & CEO, Miles Mercera: “E Product Update ta un ehèmpel di e resiliensia di nos industria. Nos ta kere firmemente ku nos industra di turismo lo bòns bèk i ku COVID-19 lo no stroba nos di logra nos meta, kual ta desaroyo ekonomiko sostenibel pa nos tur. Nos ta sumamente gradesido pa invershonista i empresarionan den industria komo ku mi ta konsiderá esaki un invershon pa nos futuro. Nos ta preparando pa futuro pa medio di tuma riesgo i invertí.


CHATA ta entusiasmá pa traha ku su miembronan nobo i ta orguyoso di tur miembro i nan logro i esfuerso pa alsa kalidat di nan produkto i servisio i asina komplimentá e industriá.

Bishitá nos websait  i wak pa bo mes tur loke industria a hasi pa mehorá Kòrsou komo destinashon.



Investing Towards the Future

                          CHATA Publishes ‘Back to Business’ Product Update


Willemstad July 23, 2020 – Every year, CHATA releases a product update featuring its members and their new products and services, and this year it’s no different. CHATA members saw an opportunity during these tough times to reinvent themselves and invest in improving their brand. Whether it was an investment towards renovations, expansions, products or service, CHATA’s product update features it all, including those of some new members.


The online magazine is divided into three sections, hotel updates, leisure and new products to make it easier to access what the reader is looking for.  Hotel updates can range from new hotel restaurants, renovated lobbies, rooms or villas, expansions of beaches or rooms, special packages, or upgraded products such as towels, pools, and other furniture. Leisure updates can range from new activities, menus, specials and exhibits. While new products can be a number of different products from various CHATA members.


According to President & CEO, Miles Mercera: “The product update is an example of how resilient our industry is. We strongly believe that our tourism industry will bounce back and COVID-19 will not stop us from reaching our goal, which is sustainable economic development for all. It’s with great gratitude that we look upon our investors and owners in the industry as I consider this as an investment towards our future. We are setting the tone for the future by taking risks and investing”.


CHATA is looking forward to working with its new members and is proud of all members and their accomplishments to enhance their products and services to compliment the industry.


To access the online magazine, please visit and see for yourself what the industry has been doing to make Curaçao a better destination.


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