Willemstad, 5 di Ougùstùs 2020 – Komunidatnan rònt Karibe tin un oportunidat úniko pa duna rekonosementu na e heroenan speshal, kendenan na e momentunan mas difisil, durante di e krisis di Covid-19, a saka kara. 

E banko regional CIBC FirstCaribbean ta lansa e inisiativa di “FirstCaribbean Unsung Frontline Heroes”pa nominá trahadónan den funshon esensial i personanan di nan komunidat kendenan a pone servisio riba nan mes i a sa di saka un man pa otro den varios forma durante di e krisis di Covid-19.

“Nos a keda impreshoná i honrá na mes momentu ku e kantidat di rekuento di heroismo i dedikashon demonstrá den asina tantu komunidat ora profeshonalnan médiko, muchanan chiki ku nan sparpòt, tur a uní pa yuda esnan impaktá pa e epidemia” Chief Executive Officer di CIBC FirstCaribbean i Presidente di FirstCaribbean ComTrust Foundation Sra. Colette Delaney a bisa.

Ela bisa ku e “FirstCaribbean Unsung Frontline Heroes Awards” ta un inisiativa di FirstCaribbean ComTrust Foundation i ta dirigi pa rekonosé e trabou èkstraordinario di individuonan den henter region ku a traha den promé fila den lucha ku e pandemia di Covid-19.

Pa keda nominá e persona mester ta residente di un di e 16 teritorionan den kwa CIBC FirstCaribbean ta opera den dje.  E persona mester a traha, ser voluntario i tabata envolví den un di e aktividatnan inkluí den e lista aki:

  • Personal médiko
  • Servisio di protekshon
  • Heroenan den komunidat (individuonan ku dor di nan akto di kurashi, forsa i sakrifisio den nan empeño pa sirbi nan komunidat a hasi un diferensha pa esnan ku a keda impakta. 

Pa nominá un kantidato pa e por bin na remarké mester subi riba e wepsait: of bai riba e pagina riba social media i kompleta e formulario.  Duna informashon tokante di e nominado i upload un foto di dje.  Personanan por nomina un kantidat di persona pero por unikamente nomina kantidatonan ku ta residensia den nan propio pais.

E periodo pa nominá un persona ta kore te ku 15 di ougustus 2020.  E ganadonan ta keda anunsia den Sèptèmber 2020. E ganadonan ta risibi un E-Check di US$ 2,000 pa un vakashon den nan propio pais na e hotel di nan mes eskoho.

CIBC FirstCaribbean den pasado, atrabes di su programa Unsung Heroes, a pone lus riba varios tesoro skondí den nos komunidatnan, kendenan a hasi un diferensha den bida di personanan ku nan a yuda of toka na un manera úniko.  Unsung Heroes a kulminá na 2013.





Bridgetown, Barbados, August 5, 2020 – Communities across the region have a unique opportunity to hail those special heroes, who in the darkest moments of the Covid-19 crisis, shone brightest.

Regional bank CIBC FirstCaribbean today launched its FirstCaribbean Unsung Frontline Heroes initiative aimed at giving persons the opportunity to nominate essential workers and persons from their communities who put service above self and reached out to others in a variety of ways during the Covid-19 crisis.

“We have been awed and humbled by the many stories of heroism and selflessness displayed across so many villages and towns, as medical professionals and little children with piggy banks, all rallied  to help and to give to those impacted by the pandemic,” said Chief Executive Officer of CIBC FirstCaribbean and Chair of the FirstCaribbean ComTrust Foundation Colette Delaney.

She noted that the FirstCaribbean Unsung Frontline Heroes Awards was an initiative of the FirstCaribbean ComTrust Foundation aimed at recognizing the outstanding work of individuals across the region who have been at the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic fight.

To be nominated persons must be resident in any the 16 territories where the CIBC FirstCaribbean operates and have worked, volunteered or been involved in any of the award categories listed below:

  • Medical personnel
  • The Protective Services
  • Community Heroes (individuals who by their courageous acts, strength and self-sacrifice in the service of a community, have made a difference to those persons impacted.

To nominate a candidate for an award persons must log on to our website or social media channels or click here  and complete the nomination form. Provide information on the nominee and upload a photo of them.  Persons can make multiple nominations but can only nominate a candidate/s who resides in their country of residence.  

The nomination period runs from 1–15 August 2020 and winners will be announced in September 2020. Winners will receive an E-Check for US$2,000 toward a staycation at a local hotel of their choice.

FirstCaribbean has previously highlighted many hidden treasures in our communities who have made a difference in the lives of persons they have helped or touched in some way through its flagship Unsung Heroes programme, which concluded in 2013.


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