Within a few weeks of Aruba reopening for business, coronavirus cases have risen to an unprecedented number. “If the island wants to reboot the economy, they need to practice prevention, because prevention is the key to success when it comes to bringing the increasing number of COVID-19 cases under control.” say the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers.

Starting in early April the Volunteer Ministers of the Freewinds worked diligently for many weeks to provide the people of Aruba with the needed information on prevention. The information provided was contained in the booklets—How to Keep Yourself & Others WellHow to Protect Yourself & Others with a Mask & Gloves and How to Prevent the Spread of Illness with Isolation— which cover the basics of prevention against any germ.


The Freewinds Volunteer Ministers purpose was to ensure everyone in the community had the information so they were able to stay well and have the means to continue to be well and keep others safe, once Aruba re-opened their doors.

This prevention information was very well received and viewed as vital to the community. This was so much the case that those receiving the booklets made sure to show their appreciation.


Notwithstanding this past week has witnessed a rapid spike of COVID-19 cases on the island, which if not deterred it poses a new threat to the economy.

In response to this situation the Port Captain of the Freewinds, Mr. Ken Weber said: “This can be rapidly handled if everyone were to get busy following the booklets and doing every preventative action such as using masks, keeping social distance, washing their hands and using sanitizers.

“It is covered in these booklets: ‘That disease can spread is not an unknown datum. What may not be known, however, is that contagion is possible during incubation periods—the period before the person shows symptoms and realizes he is sick. Hence safety precautions must be in place at all times to reduce the risk of spreading disease. Implementing the basic guidelines given in this booklet can prevent illness from occurring in the first place.’ So the only way to stop it is by preventing further contagion.

All information anyone needs to know about prevention can be found, free of charge, in the How to Stay Well Prevention Center, available in Spanish, Dutch, English and 17 other languages.  These booklets can be read on the website or downloaded. There are also over a dozen brief videos that illustrate the key information, making it easy to understand what a virus is, how it spreads, and the actions anyone can take to protect themselves and their families.  (www.scientology.org/staywell)

For more information on the Freewinds, watch Inside Scientology: Freewinds on the Scientology Network. (www.scientology.tv/series/inside-scientology/freewinds.html)




Ministerio di Boluntario di Freewinds ta haci un llamada di alerta na pueblo.

Dentro di un para di siman cu Aruba a habri  pa comercio, casonan di corona virus a subi desproporcionalmente. E boluntarionan di Ministerio di Boluntario di Freewinds ta bisa, “ Si Aruba kier reactiva e economía, nos mester practica prevención, pasobra prevención ta e clave pa éxito pa controla e aumento di casonan di Covid-19 .”

Cuminsando e prome siman di april e ministerio di voluntario a traha duro durante  hopi siman  pa duna pueblo di Aruba cu e información necesario riba prevención. E información cu a wordo duna ta den e bukinan- How to Keep Yourself and Others Well, How to Protect Yourself & Others with a Mask & Gloves and How to Prevent The Spread of Illness with Isolation- cu ta cubri lo basioco di prevencion contra cualkier virus.

E meta di e boluntarionan di Freewinds tawata pa percura cu henter comunidad tin e información pa nan por keda saludabel  y pa nan tin e manera pa keda saludabel y mantene salud di otroinan, una vez cu Aruba habri su portanan atrobe.

E información di prevención a wordo bon acepta y a wordo mira como vital pa e comunidad. Esaki tawata asina aprecia cu esnan cu a ricibi e bukinan a percura pa nan mustyra nan apreciación.

Den un carta di reconocimiento Sr. Ernon Croes, manager di The Pastechi House a scirbi,Pesey mi ta scirbi e carta aki como muestra di danki. E Ministerio di Boluntario di Freewinds a yega na nos negoshi den Oranjestad na Aruba. Nan a dunami e información necesario y e material pa duna e guía na nos cliente con pa anda cu e situación di e virus. Na prome lugar e bukinan ta hopi fácil pa lesa y e portretnan ta facilita e comprensión.”

Sin embargo e siman aki nos por a mira un subida rápido di casonan di Covid-19 riba e isla, si esaki no wordo para e por bira un menas apa nos economía.

Port Captain di the Freewinds,Sr. Ken Weber, reacionando riba e situación a bisa,” Esaki por wordo controla si tur hende cuminsa  na sigui e guía den e bukinan y  cumpliendo cu tur medida preventivo manera usando maskara di cara, manteniendo distancia social, labando bo manan y usando sanitizers.

Den e bukinan tin scirbi: Cu maleza por plama no ta nada nobo. Loke no ta conocí, sin embargo, ta cu e posibilidad cu durante di e periodo di incubación ( e periodo prome cu e persona mustra simptomanan y realisa cu e ta malo), por contagia e virus.

Pesey precaución di seguridad semper mester tan a su lugar na tur momento pa reduci e riesgo di plama e maleza, Implementando e guianan básico den e buki por preveni maleza di ocuri na prome lugar.

Pues e único manera di pare t apa stop mas contagio.

Tur información cualquier persona mester sa  di prevención por wordo haya gtratuitamente den e” How to Stay Well Prevention Center, obtenibel na Spaño, Hulandes y Ingles  y 17 otro idioma.E buki por wordo lesa riba e website of por download esaki. Tambe tin mas o menos 12 video cortico c uta ilustra e información clave, haciendo mas fácil pa comprende kiko un virus ta, con e ta plama,y e accionan un hende por tuma pa proteha nan mes y nan famia. ( www.scientology.org/staywell)

Pa mas información di Freewinds, waak Inside Scientology: Freewinds on the Scientology Network. (www.scientology.tv/series/inside-scientology/freewinds.html)

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