Travel and Quarantine policy of Statia from the 26th of August


Travel and Quarantine policy of Statia from the 26th of August

The Government of St. Eustatius would like inform you about the Travel and Quarantine policy of Statia, starting the 26th of August, 2020.

People of the following categories are allowed to enter Statia:

  1. Returning medical referrals
  2. Essential workers (both for government and for companies)
  3. Returning Statia residents
  4. Returning Students (after ending the school year)
  5. Business, touristic and family visits (only allowed from low risk countries)

Other categories of persons coming from medium and high risk countries  are not allowed to enter Statia. Exemptions on humanitarian grounds (f.e. visiting a funeral) can be made by the Government Commissioner.

Outbound travel is always permitted but return is strictly reserved to the above mentioned categories.

Quarantine measures based on risk in country of origin

Quarantine measures based on risk in country of origin per 26th of August

The list of countries is valid until further notice. The risk of countries will be continuously monitored by the Public Health Department.

The Quarantine period is 14 consecutive calendar days (not including the day of travel)

To be excluded from quarantine obligations, people must have been in a low risk country for 14 consecutive calendar days (not including the day of travel).

Everybody wanting to enter Statia from a medium or high risk country  has to request entrance by email to Your email must include motivation, planned date of entry, name, date of birth, nationality and place of stay during the last 14 days. The request for entrance needs to be received at least 72 hours before the planned date of arrival. Acceptance will be within 48 hours after receiving the request.

Everybody entering Statia needs to fill in a travel questionnaire, the questionnaire can be downloaded: Questionnaire. The form has to be sent to, at least 12 hours before arrival and a hardcopy needs to be handed over upon arrival.

Everybody entering Statia is requested to take a COVID test less than 72 hours before travelling to Statia. When you travel through Sint Maarten it is obligatory based on the requirements of the Sint Maarten Authorities.
All persons will be screened on health and travel history upon arrival on Statia. The Public Health Department can issue a quarantine obligation for every incoming person, based on the screening results.

If incoming passengers on a flight are from different risk categories. The government will treat them as being from the highest risk category present on the flight.

People returning from medium risk countries can be self-quarantined, if the location of self-quarantine has adequate separate sanitary facilities for the people in quarantine. Requests for  home-based quarantine must contain place of home-based quarantine and contact details for an appointment to inspect the place before arrival by the public health. Homebase quarantine is only allowed in places approved by the public health. For returning students from medium risk countries, parents have to sign a declaration of responsibility for their son or daughter, with the rules and consequences to allow them in self-quarantine.

For workers coming from medium risk countries a specific protocol can be made to allow them to conduct work in a controlled environment during their quarantine

People in quarantine from high risk countries will be tested after 12 days of Quarantine. They  can only leave the Quarantine after a negative test result.

Cost of staying in an assigned quarantine location has to be paid by the people themselves or their employer. This includes costs for Isolation if needed. Only for returning medical referrals of Z.V.K. the government cover the quarantine costs. People going for medical care  arranged by ZVK abroad have to fully comply with the protocols given by ZVK for the destination if not they have to pay, if central quarantine is needed the costs themselves.

Persons should make use of face masks during air-travel. With most airlines, the use is obligatory.  You are yourselves responsible for acquiring facemasks.

For general information on COVID and updates, see the Statia Government website
Updates on the travel protocol can be seen  here.

Travelling abroad

People are free to travel abroad, no permission is needed,  however Statian residents travelling abroad from now on will not be entitled for any form of repatriation assistance and have in all situation to pay themselves for quarantine upon return.

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