Reakshon CTB riba publikashon referente lista di alerta di CDC / CTB response to news article about CDC advisory 

Reakshon CTB riba publikashon referente lista di alerta di CDC


WILLEMSTAD- 5 di mart 2021 – Resientemente Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) a tuma nota di publikashonnan ku a sali na Merka refiriendo na e echo ku Kòrsou ta riba e lista di alerta di Sentro pa Kontròl di Malesa i Prevenshon (CDC) riba nivel 4. Aunke e notisia aki a keda publiká dia 1 di mart último, na Merka mester bisa ku no ta trata di un desaroyo nobo ni ku e sirkunstansianan aktual a deteriorá mirando ku Kòrsou ya kaba tabata riba e lista di alerta di CDC na nivel 4 for di aña pasá na luna di novèmber. Kòrsou meskos ku hopi otro pais den region Karibe ta kompartí e mesun nivel di alerta riba e lista di CDC. CTB i partnernan den sektor privá ta tuma e echo ku e notisia aki a bolbe keda publiká resientemente komo algu hopi serio mirando ku e por tin konsekuensianan negativo pa loke ta trata e kantidat di reservashon di biahe pa Kòrsou for di Merka. 


E restrikshon di biahe pa biaheronan prosedente di e estadonan na Merka a keda eliminá pa Gobièrnu di Kòrsou for di 1 di yanüari último. For di e momentu ei e merkado a kuminsá mehora gradualmente konsiderando e airlift aktual for di e merkado aki. Na momentu ku CTB a tuma nota di e informashon ku a sali den media na Merka a tuma kontakto ku e media ku a saka e informashon aki pa diskutí e echo aki kuné i tambe presente e informashon aktual. Banda di esaki, a saka un deklarashon pa e partnernan den industria di biahe na Merka kaminda a informá nan di e echo ku Kòrsou pa e último 28 dianan a mantené un “positivity rate” di ménos ku 3%. Ademas e deklarashon ta kubri tambe e programanan ku CTB ta implementá ku tantu e bishitante i e pueblo lokal komo enfoke. Tambe e echo ku ta brinda transparensia kompletu i ku riba un base kontinuo ta aktualisá e wèpsait ku e último informashon referente biahe pa Kòrsou. Ademas a menshoná ku CTB ta publiká e esfuersonan ku Kòrsou ta hasi referente distansiamentu físiko, protokòl pa ku entrada i e medionan ku e turista tin na su disposishon pa por haña informashon. Tambe e echo ku hotèlnan, restorantnan i atrakshonnan turístiko na Kòrsou tur a adaptá nan produkto pa esaki por keda kumpli ku e nesesidatnan di e biahero di awendia. 


CTB lo sigui vigilá e situashon i lo tuma kualke akshon nesesario pa por mitigá posibel efekto riba reservashon di biahe pa Kòrsou den futuro. 

CTB response to news article about CDC advisory 


WILLEMSTAD- March 5, 2021 – Recently the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) took notice of the fact that Curaçao has been included in headlines in the US market citing a “Level 4” advisory as issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. While the notice was highlighted by media on March 1, this is not a new development or a sign of deteriorating circumstances, as the level 4 designation for Curaçao is from fall 2020. Curaçao, as well as many countries in the Caribbean region, share this same designation by the CDC. The fact that this news is being highlighted now is taken very seriously by the CTB and private sector partners, as it could have negative consequences for bookings from the US to Curaçao. 


Travel restrictions for travelers from the entire US states were lifted by the Curaçao Government as of January 1st. Since then the market has been gradually picking up considering the current airlift from this particular market. As soon as the CTB took notice of the headlines in the US market we reached out to the media who highlighted this news to discuss this issue with them and present them with the current facts. Besides that, a statement was sent out to all US travel partners highlighting the fact that in the last 28 days, the island has maintained a positivity rate of less than 3%. The statement also covers the fact that, the CTB implements several programs designed with Curaçao’s visitors and locals at the forefront, stressing complete transparency and continuously updating its website,, with the latest travel updates. CTB also widely publicizes the island’s physical distancing efforts, entry protocols and new tools available to visitors. Furthermore, the island’s hotels, restaurants and attractions have adapted their offerings to meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s travelers. 


The CTB will continue to monitor this situation closely and will take the actions necessary to mitigate any possible effect on future bookings to Curaçao. 

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