Police Sint Maarten Police initiated campaign against reckless scooter riders


From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector E.S. Josepha  

Police initiated campaign against reckless scooter riders


As St. Maarten Police continue their efforts to keep the roadways safe, a special team was initiated to crackdown on reckless scooter and motorcycle riders, who endanger public safety.  


Over the weekend the team stopped several of these dangerous riders and over the course of three days; two persons (2) were arrested, (8) eight fines were issued and fifteen (15) scooters were impounded. 


In an earlier press release the police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM) issued a warning to the scooter riders about reckless behavior in traffic and that stringent measures will be taken against reckless behavior. 


Drivers and motorcycle riders have become more brazen and callous with their behaviors while driving. The Police Force condemns this dangerous and illegal driving by users of public roads and has now initiated measures to curb this behavior.


The Police Force has a duty to enforce the traffic rules and will be enforcing the law when deemed necessary.


Two person arrested in connection with drug smuggling offense


On Monday afternoon April 26th 2021, the Alpha Team arrested two suspects in connection with an ongoing drug smuggling investigation. The suspects were arrested for their involvement which took place on March 5th 2021 at the Princess Juliana International Airport. 


In addition to the arrest, a house search took place at the residence of one the suspect and items were confiscated.


The suspects were transported the police station in Philipsburg for questioning.


The Alpha Team is a joint multidisciplinary Team that is comprised of the Police

Department KPSM, the Customs Department, the Immigration Department, the

Koninklijke  Marechaussee and the Coast Guard.


Six  arrested in connection with various infractions


During the past week police officers of KPSM arrested the following persons:

  • A man with the initials A.S.S. was arrested for aggravated assault that took place in the month of December 2020. His victim suffered a broken jaw and several lacerations. After questioning, the suspect was held at the police station in Philipsburg pending further investigation. 
  • Patrols apprehended two men and a woman on Saturday for trespassing and vandalizing a vehicle in the Cole-Bay area. It was later revealed that the three suspects had been friends in the past and have an ongoing feud. They were all questioned, issued a summons and then released.    
  • Two other suspects were arrested for driving under the influence and not carrying identification when stopped by the officers. They were all questioned and released. 


Stern Warring  to organizers of unauthorized Jouvert Jump-up


Police are preparing to take firm action against any attempts to flout established covid-19 protocols by groups intending to organize Jouvert style Jump up events. 

Police have received reliable information from multiple sources that various groups on the island are preparing so-called Jouvert Jump-up events. Persons, who take part in this kind of illegal actions, must take into account that they will be arrested and prosecuted.

The organizers of these events are strongly warned to comply with the covid-19 protocols established by the Government of St. Maarten and discontinue their attempts at planning such activities.  

It should be abundantly clear that this kind of misconduct by certain groups in our community will not be condoned by police. 

Just as in the previous year, police are prepared to take firm action against the event organizers and participants. 

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