Reckless motorcyclist identified as ‘Zazz’, ordered to reported Police Station 


From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  


                                                                                 Philipsburg,  June 22th 2021

Reckless motorcyclist identified as ‘Zazz’, ordered to reported Police Station 

Police has identified the reckless motorcyclist captured on video meandering dangerously through traffic on A.J.C. Brouwers Road over a week ago. 

The man identified as “Zazz”, a French side resident, is ordered by Police to report to the Police Station in Philipsburg to pay his fine, or risk arrest on sight if spotted by the Police Force Sint Maarten KPSM. 

KPSM is also in possession of several other online videos of Zazz and groups of other riders performing similar stunts at various locations on the Dutch side of the island. 

Zazz, his group, and other reckless bikers will be tackled further by law enforcement should this reckless and lawless riding behavior continue on the roads of Sint Maarten. 

Zazz was identified with the help of the public after a call by KPSM. Similarly, KPSM said other dangerous bikers will also identified, fined and/or arrested. 

Road safety is paramount to save and safeguard lives. Riding without consideration for other road users should not become the norm. therefore KPSM thanks members of the community who are vigilant and who report infractions. KPSM together with good residents aim to keep the community safe.  

Suspect in baseball bat attack released by of Judge of Instruction

The suspect in the Fort Willem baseball attack case was released on Friday, June 18, a day after the attack and his arrest. His release was ordered by the judge of the Court in the First Instance after the suspect confessed and indicated he wants to pay for the damages he caused. 

The Police Force Sint Maarten KPSM and the Prosecutor’s Office will continue to investigate this case to ensure the suspect will be held accountable for his actions.

Alpha Team arrests suspected drug courier 


The Alpha Team intercepted two kilograms of marijuana at Princess Juliana International Airport on Friday, June 18. One arrest was made in connection with this ongoing investigation. 


A driver for a courier company with initials E.E.D. was arrested for suspected connections with this drug transportation case. He remains in police custody pending further investigation.


The Alpha Team is a joint multidisciplinary team comprising the Police Force Sint Maarten KPSM, Customs, the Immigration Department, Koninklijke Marechaussee KMar and the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard.


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