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Caribbean CAUSE press release on the flying of the LGBT flag at US embassies in the Caribbean


June 22, 2021: The below-named Caribbean NGOs and churches view with disgust, the flying of the multi-coloured Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender flag on the grounds of the US Embassies in Caribbean nations.

Flag of Intolerance

The Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender flag is a flag of intolerance and polarization. It represents gross disrespect and an assault upon the consciousness of our societies.ย  There is no good reason for it to be flown at any Embassy in the Caribbean.ย  If Caribbean citizens allow this to occur unchallenged, it opens the door for the USA and other foreign nations to influence our social and political structure by way of diplomatic bullying.ย 


Human Dignity

We firmly condemn violence against all persons. We firmly believe that all persons are entitled to human dignity; however, this does not overlap with so-called โ€œsexual rightsโ€. The government of the USA is using its premises in our countries to promote a perverse lifestyle that flies in the face of established science, leads to the corruption of children, destruction of family life and the hijacking of femininity itself through the transgender movement which robs women of their rights.


Effect of Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender movement

The Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender political movement is not a civil rights movement. Experts call it, โ€œa Marxist post-modern political ideology.โ€ The Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender elite, who need no special protection, seek to suppress the fundamental freedoms of conscience, religion, and parental rights of others, which is no basis for pride but for shame.


Our churches continue their work of counselling, mentoring, and supporting those who struggle with unwanted same sex attraction, many of whom were sexually and otherwise traumatised as children. The Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender political movement will lead to silencing the voice of Christians and other conscientious objectors to this deviant lifestyle.

Flouting of international principles

This act of cultural imperialism defines Americaโ€™s identity as Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender. It is in defiance of Caribbean laws and cultural norms. Additionally, it is contrary to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,1961, Articles 20, 41, and 3 (1)(e). All foreign diplomats should appreciate how contemptuous for the USAย  to impose their dogma upon other nations, which would not be tolerated in the reverse.


American Foreign Policy should not be geared towards exporting sexual deviancy and perversion but should have nobler ideals such as assisting host countries with alleviating crime and poverty.

The Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender flag must come down now!




ANGUILLA: Anguilla Evangelical Association

Church of God (Holiness) Caribbean Conference

Social Solutionsย 


ANTIGUA: Concerned Christians Coalition for a Healthy Society



BAHAMAS: Think, Bahamas!

The Coalition of Concerned Citizens

Church of God Bahamas

Church of God of Prophecy (Bahamas)

The Assemblies of God Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands

Grace Community Church

Family of Faith International

Save our Bahamas

Abundant Life Bible Church


BARBADOS: Family-Faith-Freedom, Barbados

Family Heartbeat International Network Inc.

United Pentecostal Council of the Assemblies of God

Victory Pentecostal Church of God Group

Mount Zionโ€™s Missions Inc., Barbados

Restoration Ministries International

Reformed Christian Fellowship

Trinity Ministries

Church of Christ, Oistinsย 

Project PROBE Ministriesย 

Shalem Evangelical Churchย 

Shalem Day Care Centre

The House of Freedom Ministries, Barbados

H.E. Rev. Dr Ferdinand Nicholls

Deaconโ€™s Apostolic Ministry

Life for Today

The People’s Village Church

Chapman Lane Outreach Ministryย 

Deaconโ€™s Apostolic Ministry

Edenโ€™s Apostolic Ministry

New Orleans Outreach Ministry


BELIZE: Belize Action


CAYMAN: Cayman Ministers Association

ISLANDS Church of God Full Gospel Hall of Cayman Islands

Christian Association for Civics and Political Education


CURACAO: Curaรงao Pastors Association

Christian Embassy Curaรงao

Protect the Family Foundation


JAMAICA: Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society

Jamaica CAUSE

Lawyers Christian Fellowship, Jamaica

Love March Movement

Hear the Childrenโ€™s Cry

Chosen to Glow Ministries

Christians United for Life

  1. VINCENT: Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies SVG District

and the Association of Evangelical Churches of St Vincent and the Grenadines

GRENADINES Upper Room Ministries

Calvary Evangelistic Assembly SVG Inc.

The Angellicas Youth Ministries


TRINIDAD:ย  Trinidad and Tobago CAUSE

and TOBAGO Jesus Worship Centre, Trinidad and Tobago (PAWI)

ย  ย 


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