Scooter rider injured on Welfare Road / Stabbing victim seeks out police / Back-to-school message

From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  

                   Philipsburg,  August Monday 09 august 2021

Scooter rider injured on Welfare Road   

A scooter rider was injured in a road accident on Monday around 1:10pm near Republic Bank on Welfare Road. He sustained a broken ankle, cut, bruises as a result of his collision into two vehicles. He was treated at the scene and then transported by ambulance to Sint Maarten Medical Center.  

According to the preliminary investigation by the Police Traffic Department, the driver of a blue caravan with number plate P-9442 was making a left turn from Welfare Road to enter the bank’s parking. The scooter rider came from the opposite direction and attempted to evade the caravan, but collided with it and then struck a white Nissan R-761 in the parking lot.  

This investigation into this accident is ongoing. 

Stabbing victim seeks out police 

A man with stab wounds turned up at Philipsburg Police Station on Sunday around 9:30pm. He told officers he was stabbed with a knife during an argument by a man he knows by the nickname of ”Cribe”. Ambulance personnel tended the victim at the Police Station.

According to the victim, the incident occurred at a residence in Middle Region where the suspect was thought to be staying. Several police patrols went to the area to seek the suspect, but he was not found. The investigation is still ongoing.

Back-to-school message

With the start of the new school year, the Police Force of Sint Maarten, Prosecutor’s Office,  and the Truancy Inspectorate remind parents, guardians, and pupils/students about the Compulsory Education Law.

The Compulsory Education Law of Sint Maarten (Leerplichtlandsverordering P.B. 1991, no 85) states that all children on St. Maarten ages 4 to 18 must attend school. 

Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring their children attend school; youngsters are warned against skipping school/classes. Not adhering to the law has serious consequences. 


Don’t risk a fine or community service by breaking the law. Over the past years, we have seen a lot of fighting in and outside the school premises as well as weapon and drug possession among students. Violence, weapons or drugs do not belong in school. Penalties vary from community service to jail time. Go to school, and keep safe in this school year!


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