CHATA ta elaborá riba oportunidat pa desaroyo di Turismo Médiko na Kòrsou

CHATA ta elaborá riba oportunidat pa desaroyo di Turismo Médiko na Kòrsou

Durante un diskushon di mesa rondoó ku gerente general i doñonan di akomodashon.


Willemstad, 3 di sèptèmber 2021 – Ayera, CHATA a tene un diskushon di mesa rondó na su miembro Dreams Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino huntu ku algun gerente general i doñonan di su miembronan akomodashon, mientras algun kompania di seguro tambe tabata presente pa e tema. CHATA ta organisá diferente diskushon di mesa rondó ku e ophetivo pa komprondé diferente tópiko ku ta relatá na CHATA su metanan mihó. Lo tin mas diskushon di mesa rondó ku lo inkluí diferente supsektor den CHATA su miembresia pa asina reflekshoná riba varios tópiko. Manera semper, CHATA ta perkurá pa mantené na medidanan di distansia sosial.


Pa e diskushon di mesa rondó di ayera ku e tópiko di “Turismo di Salú i Bienestar”, CHATA a invitá e CEO di Curaçao Medical Center (CMC), sr. Gilbert Martina, pa elaborá riba nan vishon pa turismo médiko. Promé ku a pasa palabra pa sr. Martina, CHATA su direktor di maneho, sra. Maria-Helena Seferina-Rojas, a yama bonbiní na esnan presente i a duna un introdukshon splikando dikon turismo di salú i bienestar ta interesante pa desaroyo di sektor di turismo. “CHATA ta dediká pa eksplorá kon bienestar, kuido, hospitalidat i biahamentu por uni pa realisá kresementu pa nos sektor di turismo i hospitalidat na Kòrsou. Tambe esaki lo ta importante pa determiná un “’Strategia di DNA pa Turismo di Salú i Bienestar pa Kòrsou”, segun sra. Seferina-Rojas.


Despues di sra. Seferina-Rojas su introdukshon, sr. Martina a kuminsá ku su presentashon titulá “Medical journey at Curaçao Medical”. Ta importante pa rekonosé e oportunidatnan ku Turismo Médiko por ofresé Kòrsou pa desaroyá un pilar adishonal di divisa. E posibilidat aki lo no solamente benefisiá hospital, pero tambe miebronan di CHATA den kuadro di paketenenan di akomodashon. “Every cloud has a silver lining”, sr. Martina a bisa. E situashon di COVID-19 a permití CMC e oportunidat pa prueba su mes, mientras e ta hasi su relashon ku otro islanan den Karibe Ulandes mas fuerte. Esaki a bira posibel na momentu ku buelonan pa Colombia no tabata posibel mas i pashèntnan tabata bini Kòrsou pa nan tratamentu médiko. “E bon reakshon di nos hermana islanan ta prueba di e kalidat i standarnan di CMC”, segun sr. Martina.


“Otro motibu pa CMC buska kresementu pa medio di turismo médiko ta pa baha e dependensia riba SVB pa su presupuesto di salubridat. Aktualmente 85% di pashènt ta di SVB ku a kubri solamente 60% di e gastunan te ahinda. Adishonalmente, turismo médiko ta krea mas trabounan di abilidat haltu”, sr. Martina a kontinuá.


Mas aleu, sr. Martina a menshoná ku CMC ta enfoká pisá riba mehorashon di kalidat kontinuo. Aña pasá, CMC a kolaborá ku CHATA pa krea un programa di treinen titulá “Sirbi ku Amor” pa guia personal di tur nivel kon pa brinda un ekselente servisio na nan pashèntnan i pues klientenan. E treinen aki ta andando ahinda i lo keda duná na e tim kompletu. Mas despues e aña aki, CMC lo kuminsá ku un enkuesta di satisfakshon di pashènt (Patient Satisfaction Survey) pa midi su servisio i lo sigui ku e proseso pa optené akreditashon di JCI den 2 pa 3 aña. E akreditashon aki ta e rekonosementu di nivel di mas haltu pa un hospital.


CHATA lo plania un di dos seshon ku Health Tourism Worldwide riba e tópiko aki, pa elaborá posibilidatnan adishonal kon pa duna Kòrsou un ventaga kompetitivo i determiná un strategia úniko pa e destinashon ku lo resultá den kresementu supstansial pa e sektor i pa nos ekonomia.


CHATA ta kontentu di por sigui ku e reunionan aki pa stimulá kombersashon interesante i habri bentanan di oportunidat.



CHATA discusses opportunities to develop

Medical Tourism on Curaçao

In roundtable discussion with accommodations General Managers & Owners


Willemstad, September 3, 2021 – Yesterday, CHATA hosted a roundtable discussion at Dreams Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino for its accommodation’s members’ General Managers and Owners and aligned to the topic CHATA’s insurance company members were also present. CHATA organizes roundtable discussions to gain a better understanding on different topics related to CHATA’s goals. In the future, there will be more roundtable discussions with different subsectors within CHATA to reflect on various topics. As always, CHATA adheres to social distancing and hygiene measures.


At yesterday’s Roundtable Discussion on “Health & Wellness Tourism,” CHATA invited Mr. Gilbert Martina, CEO of Curacao Medical Center (CMC), to elaborate on their vision for Medical Tourism. Before giving the floor to Mr. Martina, CHATA’s Managing Director, Mrs. Maria-Helena Seferina-Rojas, welcomed those present and gave a brief introduction on why Health & Wellness is interesting for the development of the tourism sector. “CHATA is dedicated to exploring how wellbeing, healthcare, hospitality and travel merge to realize growth for our Tourism & Hospitality sector on Curaçao. And it will be important to determine a competitive “DNA strategy for Health & Wellness Tourism for Curaçao”” said Mrs. Seferina-Rojas.


Once Mrs. Seferina-Rojas concluded her introduction, Mr. Martina started his presentation titled “Medical journey at Curaçao Medical”. “It is important to acknowledge the opportunities that Medical Tourists can offer Curaçao to develop an additional pillar of foreign exchange. This possibility will not only benefit the hospital, but also CHATA members in terms of accommodation packages. “Every cloud has a silver lining,” said Mr. Martina. The COVID-19 situation allowed CMC the opportunity to prove itself while strengthen its relationship with other Dutch Caribbean islands. This was made possible when flights from these islands to Colombia were no longer possible and patients were transported to Curaçao instead for their medical treatments. The feedback from our sister islands proved the quality and standards of CMC”, expressed Mr. Martina.


“Another reason for CMC to seek growth through medical tourism is to decrease the dependency on the SVB for its healthcare budget. Currently 85% of patients are from SVB that has only covered 60% of the costs thus far. In addition, Medical Tourism also create more high skilled jobs”, continued Mr. Martina.


Furthermore Mr. Martina mentioned that CMC is heavily involved in continuous quality improvement. Last year, CMC partnered with CHATA to create a training program titled “Sirbi ku Amor,” to guide personnel of all levels on how to provide excellent customer service to its patients and thus clients. This training is still underway and will eventually be provided to the entire team. Later this year, CMC will start with a “Patient Satisfaction Survey” program to rate its services and will also continue putting all processes in place to achieve the JCI accreditation in 2 to 3 years. This accreditation is the highest level of recognition for a hospital.


CHATA is planning a follow up session with Health Tourism Worldwide on this topic to discuss additional possibilities on how to give Curaçao a competitive advantage and determine a unique strategy for the destination resulting into substantial growth for the sector and our economy.


CHATA looks forward to continuing these meetings to stimulate interesting discussions open windows of opportunity.


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