Police holds Anti-bullying info sessions at  S.D.A School 

From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  

              Philipsburg,  Tuesday September 21th  2021


Police holds Anti-bullying info sessions at  S.D.A School 

Upon the invitation of the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, personnel for the Police Force of Sint Maarten’s Youth and Morals Division held an anti-bullying and cyberbullying information session for fifth graders on September 16.  

Via such information sessions, police aims to establish a more meaningful and positive connection between police officers and children in elementary and secondary schools.   

The KPSM management team expresses gratitude to Seventh Day Adventist School for its invitation.  

Accident on A.J.C Brouwers road Sunday night 

Police Central Dispatch received several calls around 11:00pm on Sunday September 19th 2021 about a traffic accident on A.J.C Brouwers road near Harold Jack that may have resulted in some people sustaining injuries. Several Police patrol along with paramedics were dispatched to that location. 

At the scene, it appeared that a head-on collision occurred between a white Hyundai i10 and a white Suzuki minivan.

Following a preliminary investigation by the Police Traffic Department, it appeared that the driver of the i10 driving uphill from the Kruithoff roundabout lost control of the vehicle, swerved left and struck the white minivan which was coming from the opposite direction.  

The driver of the white i10 was complaining of pain in her chest. The driver of the Minivan had sustained a sprained knee. A passenger in the minivan had no seat belts on and struck his head against the windscreen.

For the driver of the white i10, who complained of chest pains, she was treated at the scene by paramedics. The minivan driver sustained a sprained knee and the passenger in the minivan who was not wearing a seatbelts suffered a head injury. All three victims were treated at the scene and later transported to St. Maarten Medical Center for further medical treatment. None of the victims’ injuries were life threatening.

Driver and passenger are being reminded to wear their seat belt. It may save your life.



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