Sam Still a Powerful Category 4 Hurricane in the Atlantic

Sam Still a Powerful Category 4 Hurricane in the Atlantic
Hurricane Sam is now a Category Four storm as of Saturday evening, spinning over the open waters of the Atlantic, roughly 1,000 miles east of the Leeward Islands. The eye of the storm is extremely symmetrical, showing the strength and beauty of this textbook storm.
It is expected to maintain category four strength through the weekend and into this week as it moves northwestward, grazing past the Lesser Antilles.
Our various forecast models are consistent with a west/northwest track away from the Lesser Antilles. Folks in Bermuda should watch this storm closely for potential impacts late next week.
The next name up on the list is Victor. That will only leave two letters left to use in the conventional year-to-year list of tropical cyclone names.
This tropical system is currently far away from mainland U.S.A. We have plenty of time to track its position and forecast in the coming days.


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