CHATA ta organisá su promé sena di gala di benefisensia / CHATA is hosting its first ever Gala Benefit Dinner


CHATA ta organisá su promé sena di gala di benefisensia


Willemstad, 28 di sèptèmber 2021 – Ku sumo plaser i gran entusiasmo CHATA ta partisipá su promé sena di gala di benefisensia. CHATA ya ta konosí pa su eventonan grandioso di aña nobo, Flovors of Curaçao i varios otro evento mas i ta p’esei ta únikamente natural ku e sena di gala di benefisensia lo surpasá tur ekspektativa. Ku e evento aki, CHATA ta rekoudá fondo pa sigui invertí den proyektonan ku ta benefisioso pa e sektor di turismo i tambe komunidat.


E sena di gala di benefisensia lo brinda bishitantenan e oportunidat pa skapa realidat i eksperensiá un anochi ekstravagante yená ku kombersashon elokuente, bon kompania, kultura i un sena sukulento di nivel haltu. Djabièrnè, 29 di òktober 2021, CHATA lo risibí bishitantenan na su miembro, Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort, kaminda no solamente nan lo disfrutá di biña i un sena di 4 kurso, kompañá pa dushi musika, pero tambe entretenimentu di un presentadó invitado speshal. Banda di esaki CHATA lo tin tambe arte na findishi pa e bishitantenan, proveé pa un grupo selektá di artistanan lokal.


Mas informashon tokante e sena di gala di benefisensia lo sigui otro siman, inkluso e presentadó invitado speshal, artisitanan lokal i benta di karchi. CHATA ta entusiasmá pa risibí tur bishitante na su promé sena di gala di benefisensia otro luna.

CHATA is hosting its first ever Gala Benefit Dinner


Willemstad, September 28, 2021 – It is with great excitement that CHATA is announcing its first ever Gala Benefit Dinner. It’s familiar that CHATA hosts great New Year’s events, successful Flavors events and several other events, therefore it’s only natural that the Gala Benefit Dinner will go beyond ever one’s expectations. With this event CHATA would like to raise funds to continue investing in projects that are beneficial for the tourism sector and the community.


The Gala Benefit Dinner will grant guests the opportunity to experience an escape from the real world to dive into an extravagant evening filled with insightful conversations, good company, culture, and fine dining. On Friday, October 29, 2021, CHATA will welcome guests at CHATA Member Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort, where they will not only be wined and dined by the finest 4 course dinner accompanied by fitting music, but also entertained by a special guest speaker. Aside from the guest speaker and delicious dinner, CHATA will organize an art auction for the guests provided by a selected group of local artists.


More information about the Gala Dinner will be shared next week, including the guest speaker, local artists, and ticket sale. CHATA looks forward to welcoming all guests to the first CHATA Gala Benefit Dinner next month.



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