Seis agente polisial dilanti hues

Seis agente polisial dilanti hues
Djárason 6 di óktober, seis agente di Kuerpo Polisial Kòrsou (KPC) den e investigashon “Outpost” a presentá den Korte di Promé Instansia na Kòrsou. Nan ta wòrdu sospechá di a hasi nan mes kulpabel na robo for di bibienda òf intentento di esaki, falsifikashon di prosès verbal i abuzo di outoridat komo amtenar.
Den e periodo di 16 pa 18 di sèptèmber 2020, e sospechosonan tabata traha nan seis huntu den un tim. Nan a kore bai seis diferente adrès na unda – según nan propio deklarashon – nan tabata sá ku tin hende ta biba ku antesedente òf ku por wòrdu ligá na droga. Na e adrès nan aki, nan a mustra un órden falsu pa drenta i seguidamente a listra e kas. Fiskal ouksiliar ni mèldkamer no tabata envolví. Ora a haña plaka òf droga, a kwe esaki bai kuné. Imágenan di kámara di e listramentu, si esaki tabata presente, a wòrdu destruí. E habitantenan no a keda detené i plaka i droga ku a wòrdu konfiská no a keda prosesá según prosedura di konfiskashon manera preskribí den e instrukshon di trabou di e Tim Finansiero. E sèn a wòrdu repartí entre e agentenan. Na momento ku e entradanan i listramentu di e bibiendanan a sali na kla, esakinan a keda deskribí den un prosès verbal di lokual a topa kuné, pero kontrali na lokual ku a sosodé. Esaki a keda firmá pa tur seis verbalisante.
E investigashon “Outpost” a wòrdu ehekutá dor Buro di Asuntunan Interno (BIZ) di Kuerpo Polisial Kòrsou bou di responsabilidat di Ministerio Públiko di Kòrsou. BIZ a hasi un investigashon ekstènso. Ministerio Públiko a indiká durante e seshon den Korte ku ta di hopi preokupashon ora ku un agente polisial mes ta den Korte komo sospechoso. Esaki no ta bon pa e konfiansa den polis. Pero dor di a investiga e kaso aki a fondo, KPC a demonstrá ku nan tin e kapasidat pa limpia nan organisashon. Esaki ta hopi importante pa e konfiansa den e estado di derecho.
Pa motibu di limitashon pa ku COVID e kaso a wòrdu separá den dos parti. E kaso kontra B. R. i J a keda tratá den su totalidat. Ministerio Públiko a demandá un kastigu di prizòn di 4 aña di kual 2 aña kondishonal pa B., 3 aña di kual 2 aña kondishonal pa J., i 240 ora di trabou di tarea ku 2 aña di kastigu di prizòn kondishonal pa R. A demandá tambe ku ko nan no por eherse nan funshon durante 5 aña. E demanda pa R. ta diferensiá di e otronan pa motibu ku e sospechoso desde un prinsipio di su propio boluntat tabata habrí tokante e kaso.
A kuminsa trata e kasonan kontra di Tj, O i D, pero lo sigui ku esakinan dia 18 di òktober próksimo. Hues lo dikta sentensia di tur kaso dia 22 di novèmber 2021.

Six police officers in court
On Wednesday October 6th, six officers of the Police Corps Cura çao (KPC) were on trial ′′ Outpost ′′ in the Court of First Instance at Cura çao. They are suspected of being guilty of theft from homes, or an attempt to do so, drafting false records and misuse of office powers.
During the period from 16 to 18 September 2020, the suspects worked with the six of us in a team. They drove to six addresses, which they – according to their own – knew there were people living in antecedents or could otherwise be related to narcotics. At those addresses they showed a false burden fleetingly entering and then searched the house. The assistant district attorney was not involved nor was the dispatch informed. If drugs or money were found, it was taken. Any CCTV cameras from the search were destroyed. Residents were not arrested and the funds taken and drugs were not processed directly according to the seizure procedure, as prescribed in Team Financial’s work instructions. The money was distributed by the cops. When publicity was given to the raids, the ′′ acts of office ′′ were described in contradiction with truth in a report of findings, which was signed by all six verbalists on office.
The investigation ′′ Outpost ′′ was conducted by the Bureau Internal Affairs (BIZ) of the Police Corps Cura çao under the responsibility of the Public Prosecutor in Cura çao. BIZ has carried out very extensive research. The prosecution has indicated at the hearing that it is very worrying that the police themselves are in the suspect bench. That’s not good for trusting the police. But by getting to the bottom of this case, KPC has shown itself to have a self-cleaning capacity. And that is a great asset for trusting the rule of law.
Due to COVID restrictions, the lawsuit had to be split. The case against B. R. and J is finished. The OM has demanded sentences of 4 years imprisonment of which 2 are suspended for B, 3 years of which 2 are suspended for J and 240 hours of community service with 2 years of probation for R. It has also been demanded that office of 5 years. The punishment for R. week off, among other things because this suspect has given openness of business at an early stage.
The cases against TJ, O and D have already started, but will continue on October 18, 2021. On November 22, the judge will rule in all cases.


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