CMC ta reflehá riba di 2 aniversario / CMC reflects on its 2nd Anniversary


CMC ta reflehá riba di 2 aniversario

Willemstad, 15 di novèmber, 2021 – Ku un aña mas pisá tras di lomba, Curacao Medical Center (CMC) ta
reflehá riba su retonan y e logronan. Apesar di un aña hopi turbulento, e famia di CMC a sigui pusha y yega
na algun logro hopi importante manera e akuerdo entre islanan BES ku a amplia e oportunidat pa por risibí
fondo di servisionan na pashèntnan den region. No opstante e retonan i situashon aktual, direktiva lo sigui
hiba e lucha pa garantisá kalidat di kuida na nos komunidat, segun sra. Karina Lombardi (CFOO). E retonan
di mas grandi a enserá e gòlpinan finansiero y e preshon riba personal pa motibu di COVID-19. Na vários
okashon den transkurso di aña CMC mester a kanselá operashonnan elektivo pa por a garantisá kuido di
emergensia, agudo y esnan esensial. Esaki a sosodé na mart i ougùstùs 2021 pa motibu di COVID-19
(manera e aña anterior) y na òktober 2021 pa motibunan finansiero komo resultado di fondonan ku CMC
no a risibí di SVB.
E pandemia di COVID-19 a laga un marka profundo riba CMC, prinsipalmente riba e personal ku a “stretch”
su mes den tur ángulo pa por duna e kuido nesesario. Na mart mester a eskala kuido pa pashènt di COVID19 y entre otro a aktivá e hòspitent pa por kontrolá e fluho di pashèntnan ku COVID-19 ku ta yega hospital.
Kuido Intensivo a pasa su kapasidat di 8 kama y yega na un total di 46 na Aprel. Den su pik, CMC a
akomodá 145 pashènt ku COVID-19. Esaki a nifiká ku ta’tin mester mas asistensia di Hulanda, y tambe
boluntarionan lokal. Alabes a aloká personal di CMC di diferente departamentu pa por a asistí. No ta
solamente personal den kuido manera enfermeronan y spesialistanan a traha duru den hinter e
temporada aki. Personal di tur e pilanan di e organisashon a kontribuí pa aliviá e situashon. Esaki a enserá
personal di departamentu di limpiesa pa kushina, rekurso humano, atministrashon, seguridat,
komunikashon,tékniko, ICT, finansiero y vários mas. Pues personal tabata agotá y hopi a bira malu pa e
motibu akí. Ku ménos personal disponibel, e preshon a bira aun mas haltu, pero konhuntamente e famia di
CMC pasa dor di e tempestat aki y a uni.
Algun di e momentunan mas bunita tabata momentunan ku komunidat di Kòrsou a sali dilanti pa mustra
sosten na CMC. CMC ta apresiá kon nos hendenan a bin huntu pa duna sosten na e famia di CMC durante
un “aplouso pa personal den kuido” y tambe pa medio di kontribushon di kuminda y snèk pa personal ku
apénas ta’tin chèns pa tuma un “break.”
Un desishon ku a hasi doló na kurason di CMC tabata na momentu ku mester a limitá bishita di famia na
pashèntnan hospitalisá. Mirando e doló ku esaki a kousa na famianan y na pashèntnan, CMC a aktivá
mesora y a instalá un tim pa un proyekto di “Stay Connected” pa por hasi un konekshon virtual di
pashèntnan ku nan famianan. Pa esaki tambe CMC a risibí donashon di vários tablèt di empresanan y
personanan den nos komunidat.
Na momentu ku e porsentahe di e komunidat bakuna a kuminsá subi, CMC a kuminsá mira un bahada den
e kantidat di pashèntnan ku tabata drenta hospital. Asina por a kuminsá normalisá servisionan atrobe y
sigui mantené e enfoke di “Sirbi ku Amor.”
Den e último aña ku a pasa, hunta di komisario a nombra Sr. Gilbert Martina komo e direktor General di
CMC ku e meta pa mehora kalidat di servisio y realisá akreditashon di JCI den e próksimo 3 añanan. CMC a
kuminsá kana e trayekto pa e logro aki for di òktober 2020. Segun Sr. Martina “e akreditashon di JCI lo buta
Kòrsou riba mapa Internashonal ku kuido haltu pa nos pueblo, nos region i mundu. Esaki ta nifiká kuido na
e momentu apropiá, na e preis adekuá y na e lugá rekerí.”
Prof. Dr. Ingemar Merkies, direktor Médiko di CMC ta remarká : “For di fondo di mi kurason, danki na tur
miembro di e famia di CMC pa boso dedikashon na nos pashèntnan, pa boso perseveransia aunke boso ta
hopi kansá. Danki pa sirbi nos komunidat. Nos di gerensia ta sumamente gradesido y orguyoso di ku kada
un di boso,
Pa rekordá e aña ku a pasa y pa mustra apresio na personal riba CMC su di 2 aniversario, un grupo di
personal mes a organisá un dia di bienestar y salu pa yuda otro trese balanse bek. Un danki ta bai na e tim
aki ku a tuma e tempu pa un regalo balioso di personal pa personal.


CMC reflects on its 2nd Anniversary

Willemstad, November 15th, 2021 – With another tough year behind us, Curaçao Medical Center (CMC)
reflects on its challenges and accomplishments. Despite a very turbulent year, the CMC family continued
pushing through and realized a few important accomplishments such as the agreement between the BES
islands, which expands the opportunity for revenue coming from services to regional patients.
Notwithstanding the challenges and the current situation, management will continue taking action to
guarantee quality care to our community, said Mrs. Karina Lombardi (CFOO).
The biggest challenges entailed the financial setbacks and the pressure on the personnel due to COVID-19.
CMC was forced to cancel elective operations several times throughout the year in order to guarantee
emergency, acute and essential care. This happened in March and August 2021 because of COVID-19 (just
as in the prior year) and in October 2021 as a result of financial issues due to the fact that CMC did not
receive the required funds from SVB.
The COVID-19 pandemic left a profound mark on CMC, especially on the personnel that was stretched from
all angles to assist in providing the necessary care. COVID-19 patient care was escalated in March and
among the actions taken, CMC activated the hospitent to help control the influx of COVID-19 patients that
were arriving at the hospital. The intensive care unit surpassed its capacity of 8 beds and reached a total of
46 patients in April. During its peak, CMC accommodated 145 patients with COVID-19. This meant that
additional help was needed from the Netherlands along with local volunteers. In addition, personnel from
other departments within CMC were called upon to assist. These included not only healthcare personnel,
like nurses and specialists that worked hard during these times, but also personnel from all the other
pillars of the organization that contributed to alleviate the situation. These entailed all departments, from
cleaning services to kitchen, human resources, administration, security, communication, technical and IT,
financial and many others. The hard work resulted into exhausted personnel who consequently quickly fell
ill. With fewer personnel available, the pressure augmented, but the family CMC managed to make it
through these difficult times and able to unite as one.
Some of the most beautiful moments included the community of Curacao coming forth to show its support
for CMC. CMC appreciates the support through the “applause for healthcare workers” and also through
food and snack contributions for members of our staff that barely had time to take a break.
One of the most painful decisions this year was the limitation of family visits to hospitalized patients during
the pandemic. Seeing the pain that this caused the families and our patients, CMC immediately activated to
install a team for the “Stay Connected” project to enable a virtual connection between patients and their
families. To make this happen, CMC also received donations in the form of various tables from local
companies and persons.
As soon as the percentage of vaccinated people started to increase, CMC started experiencing a decrease
in the number of patients requiring hospitalization. This is when services could start normalizing and the
hospital could continue focusing on “Sirbi ku Amor.”
This year, the Board of Commissioners named Mr. Gilbert Martina the official General Director of CMC with
the goal to continue improving quality of service and to realize the JCI accreditation within the next 3 years.
CMC started the trajectory toward this goal in October 2020. According to Mr. Martina, “the JCI
accreditation will place Curaçao on the International Healthcare map with high level of service to the
community of Curaçao, the region and the world. This means that care will be provided at the right
moment, at the right price and at the required location.”
Prof. Dr. Ingemar Merkies, Medical Director of CMC remarks: “From the bottom of my heart, I thank all the
members of the CMC family for you dedication to our patients and for your perseverance despite your
exhaustion. Thank you for serving our community. We from the Management team are incredibly grateful
and proud of each and every single one of you.”
To remember the past year and show appreciation on CMC’s 2nd anniversary, the personnel commission
organized a day of Wellness and Health to help bring back the balance. A sincere thank you to this team for
such a valuable gift from our personnel to our personnel.

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