Overview of vehicle accidents over the last few days

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Overview of vehicle accidents over the last few days
The Traffic Department of the Police Force is investigating two serious traffic accidents in which injuries occurred.
One incident was on Welfare Road between a white Audi and a red Toyota Yaris. The initial investigation shows the driver of the Audi attempted to make a left turn without yielding the right of way to the Toyota Yaris coming from the opposite direction.
The driver of the white Audi suffered a broken nose and a few minor injuries. She was treated at the scene by the ambulance personnel and transported to the hospital for further treatment. She remains hospitalized.
Following the investigation, it appeared that the driver of the Audi was likely under the influence of alcohol. This investigation is still ongoing.
The traffic department is also working on another car collision that took place on the A. Th Illidge Road on Saturday February 26, 2022, around 3:30am in which the driver of the grey Suzuki Vitara suffered serious injuries.
According to the preliminary investigation, it appears that the driver of the Suzuki Vitara drove at such a high speed that that he lost control and crashed into a parked black Volkswagen Tiguan hereafter into the wall of a house.
Both the driver and occupant of the Suzuki were injured, and were treated by the ambulance personnel and rushed to SMMC. The Suzuki’s driver sustained a brain hemorrhage and was transported abroad to receive specialized treatment.
The investigation into these accidents are still ongoing.
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