Aprel 2022 a yega na 106% di e kantidat di turista registrá na aprel 2019 esta promé ku pandemia

WILLEMSTAD- 12 di mei 2022Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ta raportá un kantidat di 42.715 turista di estadia pa luna di aprel. Ku e kantidat di turista di estadia aki, luna di aprel 2022 a yega na 106% di e kantidat registrá na aprel 2019 esta promé ku pandemia. Na aprel 2019 un total di 40.289 turista di estadia a bishitá Kòrsou. Aprel ta e di dos luna kaminda e kantidat di turista registrá a surpasá e kantidat ku a bishitá nos pais e mesun luna pero promé ku pandemia. Òktober 2021 tabata e promé luna ku a registrá mihó prestashon kompará ku e temporada promé ku pandemia. Di e 42.715 turistanan risibí, un total di 61% a bini for di Europa, 17% a bini for di Nort Amérika, 13% for di Sur Amérika, 6% for di Karibe i 2% for di sobrá paisnan di mundu. Pa dia, un kantidat di 1.423 turista di estadia a keda risibí. Huntu e turistanan risibí na luna di aprel a keda un total di 393.329 anochi riba Kòrsou.


For di Hulanda nos a risibí 21.379 turista, kual ta 32% mas ku na luna di aprel 2019 esta promé ku pandemia. For di Bèlgika, 1.430 bishitante a keda risibí miéntras for di Alemania 1.298 bishitante a keda risibí. E kantidat di turistanan di estadia for di Bèlgika tambe a surpasá e kantidat registrá na aprel 2019 levemente. Na aprel 2019 un kantidat di 1.383 turista a bishitá nos for di Bèlgika. Di e turistanan europeo, 58% a keda den un ‘resort hotel’ (esta hotèl grandi, chikí i bùngalo) na luna di aprel.


Turista di Estadia for di Estádos Unídos tambe a surpasá e kantidat registrá na aprel 2019. For di Estádos Unídos un kantidat di 6.611 turista a keda risibí na luna di aprel. Miéntras na aprel 2019 un kantidat di 6.213 a keda risibí kual ta 6% mas. Pa loke ta trata Canada, e total di turista risibí na aprel 2022 tabata 774. Pues total nos a risibí 7.385 turista for di Nort Amérika. Di e turistanan prosedente di Nort Amérika 71% a keda den un ‘resort hotel’.


For di region di Sur Amérika un total di 5.735 turista a keda risibí. Di e turistanan aki un total di 2.782 esta 49% ta prosedente di Colombia. Miéntras 816 esta 14% a bishitá nos for di Brazil. For di Sürnam 672 turista a keda risibí kual ta 12%. Un total di 57% di tur e bishitantenan prosedente di Sur Amérika a keda den un ‘resort hotel’. For di region Karibe, Kòrsou a risibí 2.543 turista di estadia na aprel, primordialmente for di e paisnan di Karibe Hulandes.

Na luna di aprel un total di 21 barku krusero a bishitá nos pais ku un total di 27.886 turista krusero.


Sifranan yanüari te ku aprel 2022

Total Kòrsou a registrá 154 mil turista di estadia for di yanüari te ku aprel 2022. For di Europa un total di 102 mil turista a keda risibí. For di Nort i Sur Amérika e kantidat registrá tabata respektivamente 26 mil i 16 mil turista. Nos paisnan bisiña den Karibe a sòru pa 6 mil turista den e periodo menshoná. Aktualmente Kòrsou ta risibiendo por lo ménos 5.5 biaha mas turista di estadia kompará ku aña pasá. Aña pasá e mesun temporada Kòrsou a risibí 27.500 turista. E progreso pa yega bèk na e nivel di prestashon promé ku pandemia ta kanando den bon direkshon. Den e promé kuater lunanan di aña nos a yega na 92% di e kantidat registrá durante e promé kuater lunanan di 2019 na momentu ku Kòrsou a risibí 167 mil turista di estadia.


April 2022 achieved 106% of the pre pandemic arrivals of April 2019


WILLEMSTAD – May 12, 2022 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting 42,715 stayover visitor arrivals for the month of April. With these arrivals, April 2022 achieved 106% of the pre pandemic arrivals of April 2019, when we welcomed 40,289 stayover visitors. April becomes the second month to surpass the number of stayover arrivals, when comparing to the same month. October 2021 was the first month to record better performance than pre-pandemic times.

From these 42,715 arrivals, 61% traveled from Europe, 17% from North America, 13% from South America, 6% from the Caribbean region and 2 % from the rest of the world. In overall, we welcomed an average of 1,423 stayover visitors per day who spent a total of 393,329 visitor nights in Curaçao.


We welcomed 21,379 Dutch visitors in April, which is 32% more than April 2019 (pre-pandemic). Out of Belgium and Germany, we registered 1,430 and 1,298 visitors respectively. Arrivals out of Belgium also slightly surpassed the pre-pandemic arrivals of April 2019, when we registered 1,383 Belgium visitors. Fifty-eight percent of the European visitors who visited Curaçao in April stayed in resort hotels.


Visitor arrivals out of the United States of America also surpassed the arrivals of April 2019. From the United States of America, we welcomed 6,611 visitors in April 2022, while in 2019 we welcomed 6,213; which is 6% more. Seven hundred seventy-four visitors were welcomed out of Canada. In total we welcomed 7,385 visitors from North America. North American visitors stayed 71% in resort hotels.


We welcomed 5,735 from the South American region. Of the South America arrivals, 2,782 (49%), 816 (14%) and 672 (12%) traveled from Colombia, Brazil and Suriname, respectively. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of all South American visitors stayed in resort hotels. From the Caribbean region, we have welcomed 2,543 stayover visitors in April, primarily from the Dutch Kingdom islands.


There were 21 cruise ship calls and 27,886 cruise visitors for the month of April.


Year to Date arrivals: January through April 2022


In total 154 thousand visitors are registered from January through April 2022. Out of Europe, we welcomed 102 thousand tourists in Curaçao. From North and South America, we welcomed 26 and 16 thousand visitors respectively. Our neighboring islands from the Caribbean provided 6 thousand visitors during this period. Curaçao is currently welcoming at least 5.5 times more visitors compared to last year. Last year we welcomed 27.5 thousand visitors during the same period.

Our progress to recoup our pre-pandemic production continues in the right direction. We have recovered 92% of the tourist arrivals in the first four months of the year. In the first four months of 2019 we have registered 167 thousand visitors.


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