Circulating social media post

From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector F.N Richards 

                                                                                              Philipsburg, July 2, 2022th 


Circulating social media post

The police department has of today received several posts which are circulating on social media of two men who are alleged suspects in robbery cases on the island. The suspects would approached  their victims, ask them for assistance and then rob them of their belongings. The posts also mentioned that these persons are being sort for by KPSM.

No reports of these alleged crimes have been reported to KPSM and these two persons are not been searched for by the police.

However KPSM is informing the general public that if they may have been a victim of such crime to contact the police department immediately

You can contact the police department on the following numbers or email:

Emergency number: 911

Non-emergency: +1721-54-22222 


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