Jouvert jump up 2022

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From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector F.N. Richards 


July, 10th, 2022


Press release : Jouvert jump up 2022

The KPSM would like to make the following known:


The Jouvert jump began approximately 04:15 am.
From the beginning to the very end, the entire Jouvert jump up moved along in a timely fashion in accordance with the plan.
The police wants to encourage parents of children (under the age of 18) who took part in the jump up, who consumed in an excess amount alcohol, to speak to them.
This is and continues to be a concern. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol is not safe or healthy for developing children and should not be encouraged.
Overall, there were only a few recorded incidents during this Jouvert jump up.
The KPSM would like to take this opportunity to thank the general public for the way in which they conducted and behaved themselves during the entire jump up. 
This proves that once our community commits to having good clean fun with family and friends, events such as this can be enjoyable.
The chief of police and management team of KPSM takes this opportunity to thank the entire staff of KPSM & the VKS for the level of safety & security provided during the Jouvert.

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