Nombramentu Counterpart Statutair Directeur pa CTB



WILLEMSTAD- 21 di yüli 2022 – Resientemente Hunta di Supervishon di Curaçao Tourism Development Foundation (CTDF) a enkaminá un proseso pa selekshoná un Counterpart Statutair Directeur pa Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB). For di e proseso aki sr. Muryad de Bruin a keda selektá komo e kandidato pa okupá e funshon aki entrante 1 di yüli 2022. 


Sr. de Bruin ya ta forma parti di e tim di CTB i te ku resien tabata okupá e funshon di Regional Manager Europe. Durante e fase transitorio, pa sr. de Bruin bin establesé bèk na Kòrsou e lo keda enkargá tambe ku e funshon di Regional Manager Europe te na momento ku selekshoná un kandidato nobo pa okupá e funshon aki.


Sr. de Bruin tin amplio eksperensia den sektor di turismo kual sigur lo ta di benefisio pa su funshon nobo pa asina kontribuí na kresementu di nos industria di turismo.  




Appointment of a Counterpart Statutory Director for CTB


WILLEMSTAD- July 21, 2022 – Recently, the Supervisory Board of the Curaçao Tourism Development Foundation (CTDF) went through a selection process for a Counterpart Statutory Director for the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB). From this process, Mr. Muryad de Bruin was selected as the candidate to occupy this position as of July 1, 2022. 


Mr. de Bruin is already part of the CTB team and until recently occupied the position of Regional Manager Europe. During the transitioning phase for Mr. de Bruin to reestablish himself in Curaçao, he will also remain in charge of the function of Regional Manager Europe until a new candidate is selected for this position.


Mr. de Bruin has extensive experience in the tourism sector and will surely bring added value to his new position in order to contribute to the growth of our tourism industry.



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